New Weather Feature in Automations Not Working For Me

I have set up a few new automations for weather conditions that are built-in to automations and none of them are working. Anyone able to get them to work yet?

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I just tested it there. Created a new automation to notify me if weather outside is “Cloudy”. It worked but actually took 20 mins to fire from them time I actually set it up. Not sure if this helps.

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I was notified that it was rainy earlier.

I have no idea if it was trying to tell me it was rainy where I was as the time, or trying to tell me it was rainy in my ST location.

I also don’t know don’t where the observations were actually taken, how they were taken, and how old they were.

I am currently about 100 miles from home. When I click on ST weather icon it opens the weather channel and shows the weather for the address listed in ST. I am in the US.

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i can’t get it to work. Any help would be appreciated to get them to work.

As my weather display has been stuck for two or three days, I’ve been assuming automations won’t be firing at the moment either.

Mine is stuck at 73F

ok thank you.

Mine is stuck at 88. It’s actually 106!