Weather Clock ST Compatible?

A ST compatible Clock/ mini weather station has been on my ST list for a couple of years. My Lacrosse one just died, so I’m checking my options. I’m in the US and open to many options, but don’t need something fancy, but would like indoor and exterior RH/Temp at minimum wind and/or rain not really needed, but temp shield would be good. Prefer no batteries, but if batteries only on the exterior “remote station” and/or for backup. Exterior should be designed for full weather exposure. I see an Ambient model (may be overkill for my situation and no indoor clock), Anything that currently works with ST?

What’s your budget?

Also, what country are you in?

I’m in the USA.

Budget is somewhat flexible. The $189 Ambient seems a bit more than what I was looking for, but defiantly expecting to spend at least $50. Sort of depends how much of what I’m looking for that I’d get.

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Seems like the ambient one (even if I were so Inclined) may no longer mesh directly with ST?

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I’m sorry, I haven’t followed this device class for the new SmartThings architecture. Hopefully someone else will know.

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Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but this is the route I went. I wanted a weather station but didn’t want the price. I didn’t need the rain and wind sensors, just wanted the temperature and humidity. I bought a $15 Switchbot temperature sensor (for indoor or outdoor use) and mounted it on the outside side of my house which always has shade. I already had some of the Switchbot Blind Tilts and the Switchbot Hub to connect to SmartThings.

Now I can ask Alexa for the outdoor weather and have a widget on my iPhone that shows the temperature and humidity. I like the historical data graph way better than the one built into SmartThings. You can see hour, day, month, week, and year data and can even export a portion of the data. The information also shows up in SmartThings so you can make routines. The sensor takes AAA batteries and is supposed to last 2 years. It is Bluetooth to the Switchbot Hub, so you may have to be careful on distance. Mine is only about 10 feet away.

This may be an option. I’m definitely thinking the Ambient approach is overkill for my needs and may not even work - especially where I’m located. I like the fact the sensor is rated for outdoor use (my prior one was not), but unclear if the display would show time. Is there a direct ST integration? The hub2 indicates matter, but only for HomeKit, or do you go indirectly via google/Alexa/IFTTT?

The other approach is to just get sensors and report back to ST and get some ST display that would act as an alarm clock. Note sure if that exists yet or is reasonably priced.

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Matter is matter—not just HomeKit. Quite a few community members are using the SwitchBot hub 2 via matter to SmartThings. (Including me) you should be able to find discussions in the forum.

You must have a SwitchBot hub in order to bring the outdoor sensor (which I also have) into SmartThings.

However: there is no display for that sensor at all. It doesn’t have one itself (it’s just a little white rectangle.) and although the SwitchBot hub 2, does display, temperature and humidity, that’s from its own attached sensor, so it’s giving you the indoor information.

You can view it via either the SmartThings app or something like sharptools, or the SwitchBot app, but then you have to have the app running on a tablet.

So it’s a good outdoor sensor, very inexpensive if you already have a SwitchBot hub, but it didn’t seem to fit your particular use case :thinking:

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Basically what JDRoberts suggested. I just have the cheap hub hidden (bought it a year ago before the matter one was out). I honestly prefer it hidden. Like I said, I prefer the graphs in the Switchbot app and like the widget. I also like the SmartThings integration to be able to use the temperature in routines.

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The approach is tempting, but not exactly what is needed. I appreciate the input, as I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I have another need for it.

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I’ve got another idea, but not sure if it will work. I can’t find a ST display, but it appears that smart home has a displays (with clocks and interior temp/RH: Display, a sensor (Sensor and the hub ( hub. If I set these up and linked to ST (assuming these were compatible), could this approach work?

That’s a Tuya product. They have a lot of very inexpensive devices with very cool features, although usually no safety certifications, and often with specifications designed for the Asian region, which may not match well with US power systems. But they’re very popular because of the combination of features and price.

There is a partial integration with SmartThings through either the Tuya app or the SmartLife app but it’s usually limited just to scenes that you create in the Tuya app, and then activate from the SmartThings aside. That can be useful for as far as it goes.

Also, be aware that Tuya devices are budget devices and typically have budget engineering. Even some of the ones that say they are rated for outside may not last a full year depending on weather conditions.

They also have some devices which can act as a matter bridge and those can bring some of their Zigbee devices, particularly sensors, into smartthings without needing any custom code. While still leaving them fully usable in the Tuya app. I don’t know if that’s of any interest to you or not. But it would let you use, say, one of the tuya display devices while also using the sensor data in SmartThings. Just make sure the sensors you want to bridge are Zigbee, it’s not available for their Wi-Fi devices, unless the Wi-Fi device is individually certified for matter, which most of theirs are not yet.

Tuya Devices are sold under literally more than a dozen different brand names, including Moes, Yagusmart, zemismart, etc. but if it has the Tuya logo, or it works with the SmartLife app, it’s a Tuya made device.

@Paul_Oliver might have more to add.

Looking at the listing it definitely a Tuya/SmartLife WiFi device as @JDRoberts said.

The listing does not mention Alexa, Google, IFTTT or SmartThings (ST) integrations, so I would NOT expect there to be any integrations.

With some Tuya devices you can create Tap-to-Run scenes in the Tuya or SmartLife apps. These can get integrated into ST, but they are strictly 1 way. ST can activate the Tap-to-Run scene which could trigger something in Tuya. But Tuya will not send data to ST or be able to control anything thing in the ST app. Tap-to-Run scenes are useful for devices like plugs, bulbs, switches, garage door openers, etc. But they are not useful for sensors and I would classify this clock as a sensor.

So with this device you would need to be happy using it in the Tuya App with no meaningful integration with ST.

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I’ve gone back to the simpler approach. What about this one? Looks like the sensors can be added as needed. ST Access is via the Ambient weather network, which would not be local. Is that ST access useful?–JOUvRi9iH59LfBoCLmAQAvD_BwE

The device itself looks good. The smartthings integration was based on a groovy smartapp that no longer works. Ambient has asked developers to let them know if anyone comes up with an alternative, but as far as I know, there isn’t one at the time of this posting.

Samsung no longer supports Groovy as of 03/2022 , but if you are creating an integration with Smart Things let us know by emailing and we will work on the integration to our API

They still have a pretty good Ifttt integration, but as I have said elsewhere, I do have concerns about how long IFTTT itself can stay in business at this point. So I would treat that feature as a “nice to have for now” option, but I would be prepared for it to go away at any time. :thinking:

That said, there is a really nice local integration between ambient devices and home assistant since ambient now provides a local API using MQTT, which could provide a very powerful integration, but someone would have to write it. And you would need to set up a separate device to act as your local MQTT broker. So that’s doable, but would require a lot of tech skills. :thinking:

I’m tagging @TAustin on this, not because I expect him to do it, but because I know he sometimes get inquiries about local weather station options.

I saw those things and was afraid of your answers, but will see if someone has started down this path…

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one more that might work? Support |

Not at this time. At the time of this posting, that device only works with Apple HomeKit. From the requirements details at the link that you gave:

It is using thread, but it is not matter over thread.

If they eventually switch it to matter, as they have with many of their devices, then, yes, it would work with SmartThings. But for now, not possible. :disappointed_relieved:

Based upon your and @Paul_Oliver responses here and other related threads. It appears that ST currently has no systemic way to access individual user weather station data (understanding that someone could write and host their own interface to the weather service API). I could use smartbot to get some data or some other mechanism with compatible sensors, but that data would feed directly to the app, and thus could not be directly shown on a standalone display device (understanding that I could probably get smart tools and a tablet to do this to)?