Rain Gauge / weather Station?

So I’ve been looking and haven’t really found anything. I’m looking for either a weather Station that supplies rain fall or a rain gauge that is supported by SmartThings.

I have a DIY sprinkler system and I am wanting to build some automations based on rain fall.

Thanks for any input.

The Netatmo Weather Station and the Ambient Weather station both used to have smartthings integration, but to be honest, I don’t know if those still work. They do both have Ifttt services, and that would work, but not be local.



@ogiewon might have some ideas about adding a dumb sensor to a smartthings integration. But then you’d have to do your own weatherproofing, which can get tricky.

Based upon feedback here, when my Bloomsky SKY died I bought an Ambient WS-2000. It uses the same outdoor array 2902C, but has a nicer console on the inside. I don’t know if the integration still works on SmartThings, however, and it certainly won’t work when Groovy is turned off.

In my setup, the WS-2000 console directly supplies weather data to my Hubitat hub, so the connection is all local and under my control.

(If you go with Ambient, I’d suggest buying it direct from them instead of via Amazon. The price with shipping is the same. But, Ambient supports additional sensors, and those are cheaper when bought direct from Ambient at the same time as the station. I have 4 extra temperature/humidity sensors and 2 soil moisture sensors connected to my station)

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