Personal Weather Station Recmmendation

I am looking at getting a personal weather station to measure the outside temperature, wind speed, rainfall, humidity, etc. I am looking to tie this into SmartThings, at least for the temperature. It would be nice to have it all in ST but I can use an app or the screen that comes with the PWS for the rest, it is the temperature I am primarily concerned about.

What brands should I be looking at and what brands have either built in device handlers or a device handler and/or SmartApp created for them that are up to date? I know there have been issues around Weatherunderground and it’s API so not sure if that is still a problem if the PWS reports to WUnderground and then to ST?

I am in the same boat and have decided to go with an Ambient PWS. They have several choices in various price ranges and good reviews on Amazon. @kurtsanders has a very nice ST integration and he is constantly improving and receptive to design requests.

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My other half bought me a Netatmo for Christmas. This has an indoor and outdoor module. I’m really impressed with it. So much so that I just added the rain gauge and swapped our smart thermostat from Hive to a Netatmo one. It then starts to do really clever stuff to work out how your house heats and cools relative to the outside temperature and adjusts everything accordingly.