New to ST - looking for recommendations for temp/humidity sensor

Hi all, I’m new to SmartThings, and I’m excited about the possibilities to make my home smarter (I have been outfitting my home with WEMO, Nest, MyQ, Kasa, Google, etc. for a few years now).

I recently purchased the ST hub v3. I’m looking for recommendations for a temperature and humidity sensor. I didn’t think it’d be that hard to find, but I can’t seem to find something that does just those two, or that would work out of the box with the ST hub (I’m a user, not a developer :rofl:).

If it combined with a motion sensor and a lux/luminance sensor, that would be a bonus. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if the Monoprice Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi Sensor works easily with ST?? Cuz that seems like a good option for meif it can work out of the box…

The only other option that I’ve found that works is a $70 USD multi sensor from Aeotec, but I don’t think it should cost that much…

Looking for some help and recommendations! Thanks in advance!

Welcome! :sunglasses: How precise do you need it to be? Some people are looking for temperature sensors that are always accurate within 2°, others are OK with variance of 5° or so. Same kind of issues with humidity sensors. For example, we had one community member who needed a humidity sensor for a storage system for fine cigars. That had to be much more accurate than someone that was just trying to improve room comfort.

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Also, whenever you are starting to look at a particular device class, it can be helpful to look at the device class features FAQ. It will discuss how different models might vary from each other and why people might pick one over another. ( this is a clickable link)

There is a thread linked to from there for temperature and humidity sensors that you might find helpful.

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I have a few of these and they work great:


The zooz 4in1 is a popular choice for battery powered z wave device that provides temp and humidity, as well as motion and light.


Looking for decent precision… within 5° should be fine. Looking to keep my house addition dry and comfortable (temps in Toronto can range between -15°C in the winter and 40°C in the summer).

Thanks for the links and info!

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for the Central 3200-C-P? is that really a CR2 battery?

Yes it is:

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thanks for the confirmation of device Centralite 3200-C-P with CR2 battery.

it looks a little different than 3 years ago, with holes in the cover, but the box dimensions are the same.

FYI The (primary, not rechargeable) battery is reporting 100%, then 0% an hour later, then 100% an hour after that . The temperature and humidity values seem good enough, not twitchy. I will try rechargeables sometime .