Weather station compatible with Smartthings Hub V2

I was wondering if you knew any weather station that could be connected to Smartthings Hub.

=> It seems that Oregon Scientific is not supported

=> What about Netatmo? (though its not so good)

=> La Crosse…

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I use this one and feed the data to SmartThings through Weather Underground:

Basically, this unit loads the data directly to my PWS on Weather Underground. I then have a SmartWeather tile that is setup to pull the data from my PWS into SmartThings. In theory this works great, but ST is super flakey about pulling the weather data (I looked last night and ST hadn’t pulled weather data since Sunday).

I need to replace my old weather station and this one looks reasonable priced. How is the performance battery wise? I know it is solar powered but can that little solar cell keep up with the demand? My old unit has a problem working on long winter nights if we have a week of cloudy days and cold weather.

This is my first winter with it but I haven’t had any issues. I am in Seattle so we have the long winter nights and long stretches of cloudy days (not too much cold though).

My only minor gripe with it has been the network hub locks up and needs to be power cycled every few weeks. I should just automate it with ST and forget about but it hasn’t risen above the minor annoyance level.

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by the way @trotsky40, you can use pollster smartapp to force update the weatherstation data as fast as you want (well at least once very min)

I’m using that same weather station in the same way. Polling is done with pollster every minute. I keep thinking about building an actual lan device type for it to get even more frequent updates (it sends new info every 15 seconds), but that keeps being more complicated than I want to do.


I just recently got the same weather station, I would love a SmartThings Device Type for PWS’. I think it would be a great way to set thermostats via SmartThings against environmental data similar to Nest but for any zigbee/smart thermostat.

Is there a way to pull the indoor temperature/information from the Ambient systems?

I’m new to Smartthings and still feeling my way around, but I’ve had a Ambient Weather WS-1001 WiFi for over three years now. I recently updated the firmware so I can upload my data to Data is both inside and outside. I’ve been able to link this web data to Amazon Alexa and to IFttt, but I’m still looking for ways of accessing and using this data as a trigger in SmartThings or other tools, like turning my smart humidifier when needed. Hope others can guide me.

@PDginn The easiest way to get weather data into ST is via Weather Underground. Does your firmware allow reporting to both AmbientWeather and Wunderground? If so, that would be my recommendation.