We need a community V1 vs V2 filter

I just bought my first SmartThings Hub, V2. I’m also buying several odds and ends and gadgets, and trying to learn how to use them all.

I end up searching in the community for answers, and frequently hit V1 solutions.

It’s actually quite hard to find out how to do things, such as send out an alert if the garage is opened after 10pm. It’s made more difficult when I keep getting V1 solutions that don’t work with the V2 hub.

Is there anyway we can set a filter so that we only get V2 communications? If not, can we add this functionality?

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Shelley, welcome to SmartThings.

The only real difference you are finding is that the App is not V2 so actually all of the solutions you are finding that you can’t recreate will not work for V1 hubs anymore either.

So my recommendation would be to post to the thread you find asking. How can this be done in the new V2 App ?

Many of the solutions are exactly the same.
Custom Device code added using the ide will be the same.
Custom Device code for Smart Apps you find folks have created, also added using the ide, will be the same.

The difference is how to navigate through the V2 app to find SmartThings apps and some have been outright deleted, perhaps replaced by other smart apps. We are actually ALL struggling with the changes.


So, V1 hub has the new app, too. OK didn’t know that.

Yeah, it does sound like several solutions either need an upgrade, or outright deletion. Perhaps what we need is an option to mark a solution for either upgrading, or deletion.

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Here’s a cool app that might work for you!

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One community built alternative that may be useful in the future, but is going to take a few weeks to get up and running, is the brand-new unofficial wiki.

Some of the most prolific community contributors are participating, and I have really high hopes for this.

I often say a wiki is for answers, and a forum is for questions. :sunglasses:

One of the great things about wikis is that they generally do distinguish very well between the most current answer and the history of an answer.

So again remember this has just started, there’s not very much there yet. But keep an eye on it, I think it may solve the problem that you’re seeing.

The very active and supportive participant community is one of the best things about smartthings, so I’m really hopeful about the wiki project


Yes there is only one app. I have both a V1 and V2 hub running and only one app for both locations.

Again I think if you just post to the thread asking how to do this for V2 folks will likely help you out and then the thread will have the V2 solution at that point.


Excellent. A wiki can be updated in place, so that takes care of “aged” solutions.

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Thanks Tyler, I’ll check that one out. I also found one called Doors after Dark that might work, too.

Yes, exactly. The forum is great, and there are a lot of Times when seeing the whole history of something in conversational brainstorming form is useful. It’s just that a wiki serves a different purpose, which is to present the currently agreed-upon factual answer. I’m really pleased that @obycode and others have undertaken the wiki project. :sunglasses: