V1 to V2 issues/questions (and a solution)

Hi! Upgraded from v1 hub to the v2 hub, and have a few questions/issues. Hoping that other experienced users may have suggestions. (I realize that some of the issues I encountered are issues that others have encountered as well, and I didn’t see a solution posted on the corresponding thread, but asking them anyway (with other questions that I didn’t see on these forums yet), just in case

  1. Schlage Camelot Door lock On the v1 hub, there were two functions available. I could use the app to lock/unlock the door, and could set up a push notification to my phone when the door was locked/unlocked On the v2 hub, I was able to get it to lock/unlock, but can’t see a way to set up a push notification when it is locked/unlocked. It looks like “Notify me when” section in “Smartapps” tab would be where I’d set this up, but while I see “Button pushed”, “Motion here”, “Contact opens/Closes”, “Acceleration detected”, “Switch turned on/off”, “Arrival/departure of”, “Smoke Detected”, “Water sensor wet”, I don’t see anything for door unlocked. I checked the “Contact opens/closes” (and all others), but this lock is not listed there.

  2. Things view - sucks - I prefer the grid layout that the old app offered that could show me (almost) everything in one page - this requires me to scroll, and I can’t even reorder anything on this page! Any workarounds?

  3. Remove old hub - it keeps erring out. On the app, I go to my locations, tap the gear icon next to the v1 hub, and selection the option to remove - and it errs out “There was an error deleting the location. Please try again” I tried to do this from the ST site, and get a similar error message when I try to delete the hub

  4. Multi-sensor - to set up as tilt sensor on garage door. (I found a solution)
    On the v1 hub, I was able to set up the multi-sensor as a garage door open/close sensor. When setting it up, ST would ask me if the door was conventional or garage door, and when I selected garage door, it would allow me to set it up to detect when the sensor was tilted. On the v2 hub, it never prompted me for the door type. So, it never allowed me to detect tilting. After struggling for a while, I went to the ST website, and opened up the sensor under “My devices” Clicked Edit, and changed the hub to my new hub! And it started working! Woohoo!

  5. Dashboard view. I have my old v1 hub (new app) view still visible in the app - this is what it looks like http://imgur.com/sF5Fqan My new v2 hub shows this - http://imgur.com/1s9C7bE I don’t see a way to add the missing entries - from other threads on this community, it looks like others haven’t found a way yet. Any new suggestions?

5… Dashboard view basically just sucks now. They took away all the useful entries and replaced it with a big white section of nothingness. It’s horrible and everyone hates it, including me (can you tell?). I had no idea I would lose those sections forever or I would have never upgraded. I actually requested an RMA for my hub v2 because I’m planning on finding a new solution, as this is pretty useless to me. I have contacted support and they said once those categories are gone you’re out of luck.Great service!

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We are preparing a replacement for the lights and switches solution and others. No specific date yet.

P.S. our new refactored solutions are better, like… awesome! :smile:

Reach out to support. They can help you remove the stale location :smile:

Stay tuned. Good stuff coming :smile:

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Thanks Tim.
I’ve reached out to the support Email - but I guess they are overwhelmed at the moment. No biggie - I can wait a few days. Glad to hear that the dev team is planning to fix most of these issues. Hopefully, there will be an alternate view for the Things tile view from the old app.

While you are working on the fix, may I request one additional fix? Belkin Wemo Switches - the ST app doesn’t reflect the current status - it always shows the last status that ST recorded. As an example, if I go to the ST App now, and turn on one of the switches, it will actually turn it on. I now exit the app and after an hour, I go to the actual wall switch and turn it off. If I now launch the ST app, it will still show the switch as “on”, till I go to the switch icon in ST app, and refresh it.

Till this issue is resolved, as a workaround, can the ST app refresh the status of the switches on app load, and whenever a user launches any screen that shows the switch status? (edit: this is not a v1 to v2 issue - this issues existed on both hubs, and on the old version of the app, and on the new version of the app)