Is the V2 hub better than V1 and why

Hi All,
I have a V1 hub that appears to be working OK but occasionally loses contact with some of my Belkin devices.
Just a couple of questions.
Does the V1 hub always go to the Smartthings server for the rules or are the kept on the V1 hub?
What about the V2 hub. Is this the same?
If my motion detector ‘detects’ does it go to the server to see what to do or are things kept on the V1 hub?
Again is this the same for the V2 hub?
Is the V2 more reliable when it comes to connectivity with devices?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is is the V2 hub a much better bit of kit because it holds local information and does not have to access the server as much. This in turn, I suppose, makes the V2 hub quicker and more reliable as it does not rely on internet connectivity as much.
Any information would be great before I decide to switch from V1 to V2.

Thanks in advance.

this think this thread pretty much captures it.


Just switched from v1 to v2 and thought it was mostly straight forward. Is it better? Maybe. Honestly, I have noticed very little difference between the two . Worth the cost? Presently, I don’t think so unless you can get a deal. Wouldn’t pay “regular” price for it. If your v1 hub is working for you stick with it and keep tabs on what is happening with new development/releases/features for the v2 hub.

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If your only issues are related to Wemo devices, then I wouldn’t recommend switching to v2. It will certainly NOT improve your Belking experience.


There are definitely some advantages to Hub V2, even with current firmware limitations. I expect steady improvements in this regard, but there will be some bad hiccups.

Part of the problem is that the Hub V2 is a little “under-powered”; I haven’t done an analysis of the specs, but we’ve been told that there is a RAM shortage, and that is a major reason that each firmware must be optimized and cannot contain an arbitrary collection local Device Types and SmartApps. Perhaps even processing several SmartApps at a time could exceed processor capacity?

I tend to skip ever other revision of hardware in my gadget purchasing; or get the previous version, if stable, “used” from eBay or similar, once the next generation is released.

So … I would not be surprised if I wait until Hub V3 is released before upgrading my V1 to either V2 or V3.


Thanks all.
If the advantages are very minor, then I agree, there is no need to upgrade.
As for the suggestion from ‘tgauchat’, good suggestion. Don’t know why I haven’t thought of that in the past.