Migration from v1 to v2: Peer Help Troubleshooting Specific Problems

Is there any official instructions on how to migrate from v1 hub to v2?

I see there is a lot of talk but with so many forked off topic comments I can’t seem to piece anything comprehensible together.

I have close to 50 devices and quite a few custom apps and I am reluctant to do anything in fear of trashing my setup.

One final thing, I have reverted back to the older app because I find the latest version unusable due to poor design and frequent crashes.

You can find that here

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Thank you very much!

What happens when you can’t remove devices? For example, I cannot remove Smoke/CO2 detectors because they are in use by a SmartApp, but when I try to remove the SmartApp it says “An unexpected error occurred”. I also have devices that say they get removed, but still show up in Things. Any help would be appreciated, as I can’t remove all devices, so can’t setup the ST 2.0 hub. Thanks

Try removing via IDE.


Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

[quote=“Phil_Day, post:4, topic:22375”]
What happens when you can’t remove devices?
[/quote]If all else fails, an email to support@smartthings.com with your account email and the device id (from the IDE, the guid) will let them nuke it for you (might be slow or monday since its the weekend). You’ll still need to do the general exclude dance for zwave.

I removed all of my devices from the IDE but some were stuck to my old hub, just popped the new hub in exclusion mode and reset the devices and it worked, simply said something like “unknown devices has now been reset and can be used with other hubs” Now with my current issue, i can’t use my garage door in a routine due to that it says “no available options” when it comes to selecting the garage door in the app.

I ended up creating a new account and doing the z-wave exclusion then adding the devices back, as I could not get the smoke detectors removed. The IDE did allow me to remove all the devices I had problems with, but not the smoke detectors.

Report this one to support@smartthings.com , it appears that the garage door
options are just missing. :disappointed_relieved:

I ran into “An unexpected error occurred” with a few SmartApp that I had and some errors in removing devices. I figured out that you have to remove all devices from the SmartApps and and automations that you might have set up. Once I had done that all devices and SmartApps uninstalled just fine. A bit of a pain to do all the untangling of devices, SmartApps, and automation.

If you are migrating in one fell swoop, you don’t really need to remove your smartapps from the old hub. When you delete the devices, it will leave the smartapps in a messed up state, but you don’t really need to worry about that, as the hub is going away anyway. What @Alex did was simply unplug his old hub, and delete his former location. Then he did all of the device cleanup on the new hub. You can waste a lot of energy trying to clean up your old setup, when you’re just going to throw it away anyway.


I’m sorry, but there are a lot of things I like about SmartThings (no monthly charges, IDE, API, etc), but my long and painful nightmare upgrade from V1 to V2 was not one of them, not even close. I’ve upgraded many systems over the years, and this one is now my top least favorite!

The V2 migration process for existing users that have more than a handful of devices, is barbaric and not well thought out by the ST migration team. I’m not sure who is the overall Migration Project Manager for this, but I’m guessing that they originated from the Windows 8 team at Redmond, you know, let’s get rid of the ‘Start’ button and make unusable UI enhancements that were reintroduced in Windows 10… (Yes, I am now a happy total house Apple user because of that release).

To add insult to injury, the new SmartThings mobile UI is less functional than the old mobile UI (where is that old feature hidden I keep saying over and over). The new UI a all but a simplistic means to view your list of devices in the all familiar ‘Things’ view. The old ‘Dashboard View’ was eliminated and replaced by apparently a view called ‘Rooms’ (used to be groups I think) which are a simplistic one-one relationships with a device and a room, rather than many to many relationships which would help one to see their 50+ devices in various event status configurations.

Lastly, I was lead to believe by an ‘customer appreciation email from Alex’ that the ST migration support team would be very responsive for early adopters (and you would get a special bundle at a special price). But when I needed the assistance on the day I started, the migration team and ST Support only returned my plead for technical assistance via delayed emails (since the Chat Line was offline) after 12 hours, and this would only be to point me to the robust (not) V2 migration directions. Nothing in the V2 migration document talks about how to delete stubborn devices that will not delete (UI message ‘Something went wrong’), or how to recover existing devices from a forced exclusion, missing or depreciated smartApps, and reauthorizing all the 3rd party integrations one by one, etc.

I could go on, but it would sound like whining times infinity… (which I am guilty of)… :cold_sweat:

come on ST, you can do so much better. Just try some of your stuff with more than 1 device before you release it into the wild.

After looking through SmatThings migration documentation I don’t really see how it is a migration at all. Unless I am reading things incorrectly the path to V2 is nothing more than starting from scratch, in fact, it is worse. I have a little over 40 devices and quite a few custom apps. I must carefully document my setup so I can manually duplicate it on the new platform. After reading further I have decided to postpone indefinitely my conversion after reading about losing functionality. Coupled all those issues with the new app, I still cannot find how to do many of the things I could do on the older app.

I would like to hear from other users that have moved over to v2 hub whether or not they can remain on the older android app version, and if they lost any functionality after the move to the new hub.

You can - I have an old iPhone that’s running the old version, and it’s currently still working - but it’s unclear how long that will be true, or how long you’ll be able to defer updating. Perhaps long enough for the kinks to get worked out.

I’ve got over 60 devices, lots of custom apps and device types, lots of external integrations and rest interactions. Yes, it takes several days, and yes, it’s not immediately apparent that there’s a ton of upside to doing it, but it does get done after a bit of tedious work. And there are some things that are better - the smart home monitor really does work better than the spread of dashboard things in the old app for “monitoring” your home, and it does more simply arm (in home and away modes) and disarm, for example.

I think the thing to remember is that there actually isn’t a huge installed base of users, and going forward someone starting out with the V2 hub, 2.x app, and new devices won’t have the legacy experience we all do. Once some of the pretty obviously missing capabilities get back into the dashboard for 2.0 those people will overall have a better experience. Short term pain, hopefully long term gain.

Depends on your use case. It’s worse for me than the old app for monitoring doors and gates being left open, as I’ve detailed at length in other topics. The new app turns what was a home automation monitoring situation (closet door left open) into a security system burglar alert (“intrusion detected”) which freaks out my home healthcare workers.

Absolutely! They may have tossed out the baby with the bathwater with SHM. There are a lot of things I like about it, but it doesn’t cover anywhere near all the use cases of the stuff that’s currently disappeared post 2.0. Hopefully they can fetch the baby and put her back in :wink:

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So what I thought was going to be a seamless transition with an hour of tweaks at best has turned out to be lost hours of sleep and much digging through the community forums. I have jumped head first into the V2 with IOS 2 using the “migration” steps mentioned. These included removing all associations from the V1 hub to include location and smart apps. I now have less functionality then what I had previously especially my dashboard which is now replaced with the SMH.

I feel the pain from others with 50+ devices as I have only 25 but when you add rules and tweaks it seems endless. My current requests are to bring back the original dashboard, bring back some of the smart apps such as Light Power Allowance, and create a migration tool for others. I am also not able to change my icons from the default to custom on my things.

I am pleased with the customer appreciation bundle but how about a buy back on V1 hubs? Many of us are those that have to have new tech as soon as it hits, myself included. This means we expect at least a 90% solution with small incremental updates as we move forward.

X2 After a whole day of working on this I have 49 out of 60 devices running again. The biggest problem I have is the app locking up or stalling all the time, I’m guessing due to server load from all the people doing the same thing. This is making a relatively job a nightmare. I lost all my legacy apps as I had to create a new account, and don’t seem to be able to find many of the simple apps that I used before. That said, things like the ability to set a sunrise/sunset offset for each app is very helpful to me. In the end I believe hub V2 will be an improvement, it’s just a pain getting there.

Weekends tend to be the worst time to do major work on ST.