Does Hub V1 Still Work? (Coming back after a Year Away)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be coming back to Smartthings and home automation after a year away! Long story short… we sold our house up north last year and moved into a rental where our only home automation was anything that Alexa could control. Now we’re about to close on our house and I’m ready to get all my smart home gear re-installed and set up including my V1 hub.

I have a bunch of Zigbee and Zwave stuff, gonna rebuy a Shlage Camelot door lock and hope that most of my routines and such still work. I’m a bit nervous because if it doesn’t work I’m going to have to figure out how to reset like 40+ devices.

Will it all still work? What have I missed in the past year? Anything I should be aware of?

Yes it’ll work but you won’t have access to new features like local processing. It won’t have any firmware updates either. What that really means is that you can only use Cloud SmartApps and DTH’s but 99.9% of everything should work with the hub still.


I’m still using my v1 hub. Given no migration tool, I saw no reason to upgrade. I haven’t noticed any issues with it yet, either. The cloud seems fast enough.

I run a v2 hub at a separate location, and I can’t tell the difference between the two.


v2 is the one with the hot batteries

That was where I was at last year. The promised tool never materialized. Now I see they’re promising such a tool again for migration to V3 (I’m assuming only for V2 users). I’ll stay with 1 and then if I ever HAVE to move will start considering my options.

Well obviously I can tell the difference between them physically. If you reread my message, you’ll understand I was saying that in reference to differences in performance, not in their physical distinctiveness…

Yeah. No migration tool is a serious impediment to upgrading. And if you have to rebuild your network and automations when you do eventually upgrade, there is no incentive to staying with SmartThings.

I’ve already decided that when my v1 eventually dies, I’ll switch to Hubitat. I already have the hub sitting on a shelf waiting for that day…

Where is it promised? (Not that it matters … they can break the promise again as previously…).

Still using mine. No compelling reason to upgrade - yet.

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