Is my home secure?

I’m not sure, but you can use this app to find out. This app monitors your doors, windows, and locks after mode changes, certain time of day, or on a schedule(vacation mode). Can also lock doors if they are found to be unlocked on that mode change. When push notifications are pushed is also customize-able, as is if you want a SMS, Push, or both.

Thanks to @greg for helping me test!!! If you find any issues please let me know!


Very interesting, I’ll be checking this out once the platform stabilizes.

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Looks great @tslagle13 I’ll let you know if I run into any problems.

Thanks!!! :smile:

This is very cool @tslagle13

I see this app basically monitors sensors/locks when the mode changes. Is it possible to modify this app/create a new one that monitors ALL actions. E.g. Lock door, Unlock Door, Switch on, Switch off etc. even when done manually to ensure that it actually happened?\


The other issue I see with this code is that it’s looking for a sensor and a lock. E.g. in my case I only have a Schalge lock that reports whether it’s locked or not. I want to ensure that when I click lock or the mode changes engaging a lock status, it actually locks. I don’t want to connect a sensor, just ensure that the lock happened.

Is there some way to achieve this @tslagle13?

There is, but the entire logic for the code will need to be re-written. If someone smashes the door in while your gone you wouldn’t get a notification in this case.

EDIT: Thinking this through I should make an app that only monitors locks I guess. Call it “Is my lock secure”

Why not use the built in dashboard notifications for this?

It doesn’t notify that why I created a separate thread on it. The key if notify and retry. The dashboard does neither!
If I click lock and the device isn’t connecting/reachable/whatever nothing happens a few minutes later it still shows unlocked. (same for a switch), no notification, no retries nothing.

Got ya, yeah this is a separate issue and not at all what my app is meant to do.

The app if you set it up through the dashboard can notify you when a lock is unlock and locked but you have to set that up. Will not retry though unless an app is written to do that. But you already have a thread for that.

@tslagle13 not sure why but last night after successfully calling “Good Night” I got an alert my Is my home secure?, saying that the back door was not secure. I physically checked it and it was closed and locked. It gave no further alerts after the initial. I’ll followup if I see this again.

What did the app say? It looks at last status so I’m wondering of the app didn’t update properly


wanted to report that I’m getting “unexpected error” when I try to edit this app. (added new sensors). The sensors are being added. But it is still giving that error when I go back in to check.

thanks man. I’ll take a look
STs broke all my apps this weekend lol.

Thanks for still supporting the app!

Fixed :wink:

Check out my github for new code :smile:

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Updated to 1.2

– Added the ability to add some windows/doors that don’t need to be “secure” but want to be notified they are left open.

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How do i find the code for this app? The link appears to be broken.

Here it is

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Many thanks ! Now to figure out how to install it!