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Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12

(Michael K) #13

It gets plugged into an outlet. There’s also a battery in it for proggamming (I think a 9V)- to add it to your zwave network you need to unplug it from the wall and bring it to the hub. To program your car buttons you also bring it to the car I THINK since I haven’t done it in years.

Vera (where i came from) recognizes it as a scene controller off the top of my head than you can assign the 3 buttons to scenes.

After vera i tried staples connect (literally for a couple weeks)- for SC it copies the zwave info from hubs primary controller to become secondary. Then apparently you can walk it to the individual lights you want it to control and program the scenes directly into the WDHA. There was no way to read WDHA status.

Ive had the Smarththings hub literally just hours but i think using the scene method with presence sensing could probably get it to do most anything i need so when i get some time I guess I’ll start there.


I got it to work with my SmartThings hub – I have it set to activate 2 of my outside flood lights when I press one of the HomeLink buttons in my car. It works great!

It was a little difficult to program, but after some trial and error (mostly error on my part) it’s working well.

I haven’t set it up to activate a scene / routine yet, but it should work…


Hey mbial – have you been able to get your SmartThings Hub to recognize the WDHA as Z-Wave switches? I tried it this morning and had no success… If so, how did you do it?

Right now, I’ve got it so when I press one of the HomeLink buttons in my car it actives two outside flood lights. I programmed it through the WDHA, however when I tried to press the corresponding Scene button on the WDHA nothing happened. The HomeLink button is working fine though…

My WDHA is shown in the app as a Z-Wave Remote, though there’s no customization available other than to rename it.

I’d like when I press the HomeLink button in the car it would active scene/routine – ie, turn on outside floodlights to 100% brightness. Right now it sometimes turns on one of the flood lights to 11% brightness. Not sure why because I can’t find that brightness setting saved in any of my routines. Perhaps that was the state the lights were in when I programmed it to the WDHA…?

(Michael K) #17

I’d guess that’s why. Go ahead and set it to 100% and try redoing the scene from the WDHA


@MichaelK - I reprogrammed the lights making sure they were on full brightness and they now come on with the WDHA / HomeLink button at full brightness as intended.

(Craigoram) #19

can you share with me how you got it working? I am very new to this… but i can copy and past someones else work like a champ.:grinning:

(Chris) #20

@craigoram or @Bugsy Any tips or a play by play on getting this thing working with ST?

(Craigoram) #21

never tried since I got it… it is still sitting in the pile of things that I’d like to do.


anyone end up getting this working?

(Ryan Asman) #23

I also have one, that I gave up on trying to integrate. Would love to hear if anyone else has been recently successful.


Hi Craig,

Not sure if you ever figured this out, but I followed the instructions found here:

Since I use it to link to my Jeep’s HomeLink transmitter I followed the steps on page 6. It’s a little confusing, but I’ll sum it up.

  1. Vehicle must be on (engine not necessary, but ignition / accessory on)
  2. Put the WDHA within 3 inches of the Homelink buttons in the vehicle.
  3. Press & hold the Homelink button you want to program until the LED flashes slowly (it may stay on steady instead)
  4. While still holding the button in the vehicle, press and hold the Scene 1 button (1st button) on the WDHA. You’ll be holding both buttons simultaneously, and the WDHA will still be within 3 inches of the Homelink buttons…
  5. The LED in the vehicle will either begin to flash quickly or turn off completely. Mine flashed quickly. May take up to 60 seconds.
  6. Release both buttons.
  7. On the WDHA press and hold the Scene button you want to use, I used the 3rd button. Hold it until the LED on the WDHA turns off, then release the button.
  8. Now press the button on the vehicle’s Homelink you want to program to the Scene button you chose in step 3.
  9. If you were successful, the LED on the WDHA will blink 3 times.
  10. Plug the WDHA into a wall outlet and test your Homelink button in your vehicle.

I hope this helps!

I don’t recall exactly how I got it to work with SmartThings but I think I just added it as a device in my ST app on my Android phone. It’s listed as a Z-Wave Remote. I’m pretty sure it added just like any other device or switch.

(Doug) #25

Did anyone ever get this to work?

I purchased the Wayne-Dalton device hoping to get it to work, but I got stuck as well. I can only get it to appear as a Z-wave remote, and nothing more. I would really like to get this setup as a device that my SmartApps can access.

(Mike) #26

Bumping this a bit. I grabbed one of these from eBay last week to play around with. I’m stuck at the same point, I can get it to come up as a Z-wave remote, but nothing more. Will this require a custom DH? or is there another way to get the scenes to trigger ST?

(Mike) #27

Do you still have this working?


Yes, it’s still working.

(Mike) #29

Thanks, can you help me understand how you have it implemented? I understand the connection between Homelink>WDHA-12, but how does it interact with ST (if it does at all)? Can you switch devices in ST on/off, or are you connecting directly to z-wave devices outside of ST? I’m stuck with a Remote that has no “buttons” in my list of Things, and I’m wondering if I’m approaching this the wrong way.

(Mike) #30

Any thoughts?

(C L Sanchez 1877) #31

I am trying to pair mine but striking out. The only instructions I can find are for the WDHA-12R, which has an extra button mine does not have. I have the older WDHA-12 and it just does not want to play.

(Chris) #32

It doesn’t really interact with SmartThings, other than it is on the same Z-Wave network. You essentially link the WDHA-12 as a Z-Wave remote, and set up lighting scenes with it as the “remote.” You can’t use it like one of the other button remotes.


I made a post on how I connected HomeLink to SmartThings. Successful HomeLink Integration