Clarification needed for Intermatic HA07 & HA09 Remotes

I want to dump my current Z-wave primary (which requires an always-on computer) and replace it with a ST hub, but I want to make sure that I will still be able to duplicate the devices to Intermatic HA07 and HA09 remotes.

Could I start from scratch with a SmartThings hub, add z-wave devices to it, and then replicate the devices to a HA07 as a secondary controller and use the 6 pairs of buttons to directly control 6 lamp modules (much quicker than digging into an app!)?



You can use those remote as secondary controllers. I actually have one 7 and two 9s myself.

Two caveats:

1.) These devices don’t “register” with SmartThings in the sense that pressing the buttons doesn’t show up in SmartThings. The remotes don’t communicate their activity back to SmartThings.

2.) When devices are turned on via a remote SmartThings isn’t immediately aware of that change. It will poll eventually and notice the change in state, But if want a specific event/SmartApp to run when a device is turned on via these remote, it won’t happen, at least not right away.

Oh, and it isn’t real simple to set these up. I think I had to try three or four times before I got everything working right.

Thanks Chrisb,
As long as I can still use the remotes to easily turn lights on and off without having to always go to the app, that would be sufficient.

@chrisb - Can you please describe the process for adding one of these secondary controllers? I’m trying to find a way to get my Wayne Dalton WDHA-12 to work and I believe it’s essentially the same process. Thanks for any guidance!

I’m not sure about the Wayne Daltons… But to document to process for anyone else with the Intermatic HA09 (and it would be very similar with the HA07)

First, do a full reset on the remote (to disassociate it with any previous controller). On the HA09, that consists of:

  1. Press and hold INCLUDE and DELETE buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. The red and green LED’s
    will flash.
  2. Hold the Channel 1 ON/DIM and OFF/DIM buttons until the green LED turns solid.

Next. copy the ‘network’ (list of Z-Wave devices known to the ST hub) to the remote using the Replicate network sequence:

  1. Press and Hold INCLUDE for 5 seconds. Both Red and Green LEDs will flash. Release the INCLUDE button.
  2. Press and release Channel 1 OFF/DIM on the remote. The Green LED will flash to indicate “Receive All information”.

Updated to correct mistake Finally, add devices to channels on the remote (‘Include’):

  1. On the remote controller, simultaneously press and hold the ON and OFF buttons of the desired channel. Both red and green LED’s will flash. Release the ON and OFF buttons.
  2. Press and hold the INCLUDE
    button. While still holding the INCLUDE
    button, press the program button on the module (switch, lamp module, etc).
    Choose a light level holding the module PROGRAM button.
  3. After setting your desired light level, release the
    INCLUDE button on the remote controller. The green
    LED’s on the controller and module will flash. The
    module LED will turn solid green.
  4. To include additional devices to the channel, repeat

A couple of caveats: Controlling a device with the remote will not notify the ST hub that the device state has changed. It may learn about it after a polling cycle.

Also, if you add additional Z-wave devices to the ST hub that you wish to control with one of the remotes, you will have to repeat the Replicate network sequence.

For the Wayne Dalton, see if you can find the equivalent steps in the manual for Reset, Replicate network, and Include device.


What @DaveBellPlus posted. And yeah, I think the WD is just a re-badged Intermatic (or maybe vis versa?). Anyway, follow the steps that Dave posted. To add to his notes:

You may have to do this multiple times. I think each of my three remotes I had to try at least three times before I got the sucker to pair and replicate properly. If you do have to start over, make sure you delete the device from ST (if it got added) as well as doing the first Step 1 above on the remote.

Also, in practice it appears that not all Z-wave devices are equal. For some reason the Intermatic remote does not appear to be 100% compatible with every other z-wave device. For example: I had two Evolve dimmer switches that I could NEVER get added to a channel on the Intermatic. I tried it to two different remotes and neither would add an Evolve switch (the Evolves did work perfectly with ST). Ended up replacing them with GE dimmers later. Those added easy as pie to the remote. Additionally, I have a Remotec relay on my gas fireplace. My Intermatic remote in my den will turn this OFF nicely, but won’t turn it ON. Again, the relay works perfectly with ST.

I don’t know if this is a problem with my remote or a problem with Evolve and/or Remotec.

First… I updated my instruction list to have the correct steps for adding the module to a particular channel.

Interesting @chrisb, that sometimes must be done multiple times. I did it once on two different HA09 remotes without a hitch (other than going through the process of figuring out that I needed to reset to the thing before trying to pair with the ST hub.

Also…for incompatible modules… I need to replace some dead Intermatics… you say that the GE ones seem to work fine?
I’d like to put in some wall switches, but most of my switch boxes don’t contain neutrals, and I’m committed to LED lights. Thinking about hiring an electrician to pull some neutrals for me.

RE: Multiple attempts - it was probably a mistake on my part… missing a step or not waiting long enough for someone to finish.

GE’s have worked quite well for me, yes. They seem to be the “basic” of switches, and therefore most compatible.

On a side note, LEDs will work with the GE dimmer switch without neutral as long as you have a bit enough load on 'em. If you have just one bulb that’s like 7-10 watts, that might be too small. But if you have a fixture with multiple bulbs you’ll probably be fine with it.

To add HA07 controller
Turn on include on Smartthings hub
Press and hold INCLUDE for 5 seconds COPY will flash
Release the INCLUDE button
Press and release Channel 1 OFF/DIM on the HA07 controller
The display will show “RA” (wait a few min for ST to add it)
Add modules to HA07

Hey Guys Thanks, I got my HA07 working in about 20 min with all the living room Z-wave things!