Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12

OK, here is a new one I was hoping someone had already tried. I have ordered a Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12 Zwave gateway. The theory is that if you have HomeLInk in your car ( fancy built in garagedoor opener remote) it will take that signal and then bridge it onto a Zwave network so that the button in your car can send a signal to a Zwave network like SmartThings. That would allow you to turn on lights from the car.

I know that they have gotten it to work with MCV already. Has anyone tried to use it with SmartThings yet? Any successes?

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I am working with one. SmartThings sees it as a remote, but I have not had time to do more.

I just got my hands on one of these. Was hoping to use it as a 3 button remote to trigger commands from my car. I’ll let you know how it goes. This would theoretically give us another way to also use keychains and keypads to control our homes.

Any updates to this thread? I would like to do the same if someone knows how to connect the WDHA-12 to a Smartthings controller.

I haven’t had any luck getting mine functioning, but to be completely honest, I haven’t done much tinkering. The hub recognizes the device as a Z-Wave Controller, but the dashboard oddly displays 2 “outlet” icons - neither seems to do anything. Also, the Button Controller SmartApp does NOT let me select the WDHA-12 as an available device (nor does it even show up as an option). I do get an occasional status update in the activity log. I have attached some screen shots to elaborate. I’m going to try changing the device type to see if setting it as a Z-Wave Remote instead of controller makes a difference (or at least lets me access the device from Button Controller). Thanks to anyone who’s willing to help. I am willing to purchase one of these for the SmartThings team, if they’re committed to getting it working. Thanks!

Just a quick update: I tried changing the device type to Z-Wave Remote with the same results. The dashboard no longer displays the 2 outlet icons, but I still cannot select it as an eligible remote within the Button Controller SmartApp.

I still have made no progress, so I cut bait and went with a Minimote. Works perfectly for the sequence of actions. A little double sided tape neatly mounted to the dash of the car. Push button 1 and the garage door opens, outdoor lights come on, garage light on, mud room door unlocks, kitchen light on.
Happy wife!

OK - I have a new idea. If you’ve been following along the Somfy Z-Wave Bridge thread you’ll notice that the device discussed in that forum needs to be added to SmartThings as a Z-Wave Controller…THEN each “channel” is added individually also. So here’s my thinking:

  1. Add WDHA-12 to SmartThings as Z-Wave Controller
  2. Add each of the 3 buttons (if possible) individually to SmartThings as Z-Wave Switches
  3. Create triggers for each of the respective “Z-Wave Switches” to control a device or scene

I’ll play around with trying to add each button in addition to the controller itself when I get home. This might be the piece we’re missing (I hope).

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I was looking up some info on Cooper outlets and I found this:

Yup - it’s the exact same device. I believe the setup process is the same as the other intermatic secondary controllers. I will update everyone once I’ve had an opportunity to verify.

Question about the Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12R, how is it powered? Does install on an outlet? Or is it powered by batteries?

Has anyone had any luck getting this device to work as a button device?

It gets plugged into an outlet. There’s also a battery in it for proggamming (I think a 9V)- to add it to your zwave network you need to unplug it from the wall and bring it to the hub. To program your car buttons you also bring it to the car I THINK since I haven’t done it in years.

Vera (where i came from) recognizes it as a scene controller off the top of my head than you can assign the 3 buttons to scenes.

After vera i tried staples connect (literally for a couple weeks)- for SC it copies the zwave info from hubs primary controller to become secondary. Then apparently you can walk it to the individual lights you want it to control and program the scenes directly into the WDHA. There was no way to read WDHA status.

Ive had the Smarththings hub literally just hours but i think using the scene method with presence sensing could probably get it to do most anything i need so when i get some time I guess I’ll start there.

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I got it to work with my SmartThings hub – I have it set to activate 2 of my outside flood lights when I press one of the HomeLink buttons in my car. It works great!

It was a little difficult to program, but after some trial and error (mostly error on my part) it’s working well.

I haven’t set it up to activate a scene / routine yet, but it should work…

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Hey mbial – have you been able to get your SmartThings Hub to recognize the WDHA as Z-Wave switches? I tried it this morning and had no success… If so, how did you do it?

Right now, I’ve got it so when I press one of the HomeLink buttons in my car it actives two outside flood lights. I programmed it through the WDHA, however when I tried to press the corresponding Scene button on the WDHA nothing happened. The HomeLink button is working fine though…

My WDHA is shown in the app as a Z-Wave Remote, though there’s no customization available other than to rename it.

I’d like when I press the HomeLink button in the car it would active scene/routine – ie, turn on outside floodlights to 100% brightness. Right now it sometimes turns on one of the flood lights to 11% brightness. Not sure why because I can’t find that brightness setting saved in any of my routines. Perhaps that was the state the lights were in when I programmed it to the WDHA…?

I’d guess that’s why. Go ahead and set it to 100% and try redoing the scene from the WDHA

@MichaelK - I reprogrammed the lights making sure they were on full brightness and they now come on with the WDHA / HomeLink button at full brightness as intended.

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can you share with me how you got it working? I am very new to this… but i can copy and past someones else work like a champ.:grinning:

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@craigoram or @Bugsy Any tips or a play by play on getting this thing working with ST?

never tried since I got it… it is still sitting in the pile of things that I’d like to do.