Wayne Dalton HA14WD Support

Hello. Anyone know a way to get a Wayne Dalton HA14WD dimmer to work with Smartthings?

That’s actually an Intermatic HA14. (Look closely and you can see the Intermatic logo on the bottom of the rocker) They were sold with Wayne dalton controllers, but it’s just a very old (third generation) basic dimmer switch. It does have association, which is how you use it with the Wayne Dalton controller, but it isn’t how you will use it with SmartThings.


Just do a general exclusion to clear out any old controller information


Then pair it.

If it just pairs as a “thing” then change it to a generic Z wave dimmer in the IDE and it should work fine. :sunglasses:

One thing to note: I mentioned these really old, right? They have a very weak signal. Which means you may have to exclude it and pair it within a few inches of the hub. Which is a pain, but there it is. Once you get it paired, you should get a Range on it of about 30 feet. They were mostly used with the handheld Wayne dalton controllers in the same room. But as long as you have a zwave repeater close enough to them you’ll be OK.

All of which is to say: don’t buy one of these new. We’re in the fifth generation of zwave, now, zwave plus, and there have been a lot of improvements.

But if you already have one installed in your house and you want to use it with smartthings as a regular dimmer wall switch, you should be able to. Just remember the range will be shorter than you are used to with the newer devices.

Thanks! Yeah, I know they are old. I bought several many years ago whe I first set up my system. Your instructions helped. I managed to get them paired and they are all working. Just glad that I can still put them to use!

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