Help with a Wayne Dalton HA-04L Outdoor Lighting Module


I have a Wayne Dalton HA-04L Outdoor Lighting Module that I used to use with a Nexia system. I am attempting to get it up on my Smartthings hub but do not have the manual and have not idea of how to set it in a mode that make the hub recognize it. Does anyone know how long I need to press the program button or how many times etc. to get it into the program mode? Thank you so much in advance!

(Scott G) #2

Did you exclude it from the nexia z-wave network? It can only be paired to one network at a time, so you have to unpair it first; then ST should find it.


How do I unpair it? That z-wave network is in my old house and nowhere near this device. I am sorry to ask such a dumb question but I do not have the manual and can not find anything about it online. Thanks!

(Scott G) #4

You can use the ST hub to exclude it from any prior network by using the developer settings section. (In case you haven’t set up the developer section. On the top right of the ST webpage is a “Developers” link. Click that, set up an account and it will take your developer section.)

Once into the developer settings, click on the “My Hubs” tab, and there is a button for Utilities. Click that and you will have an option for “Z-Wave Exclude” at the top. Click that button, then press the program button on your Wayne Dalton. Hopefully that will reset the lighting module, and you should be able to use ST to search for a new device and press the program button while it is searching. Good luck!


Thank you so much - I will try this when I get back in town. I really appreciate the help!