Watercop Z - SmartThings

So, I have the WaterCop Z-Wave Shut Valve Smart Leak that I cannot get to connect to my SmartThings Samsung Hub, I tried adding it as Z-Wave and FortrezZ and still nothing happens it can’t find it, it was working fine the other day and we were having problems with some of our other devices, so I did a reset of everything and started adding everything back to a new email. I deleted it from the last smart things but can’t get this thing to reset into pair mode. when i hit the menu button it flashes 2 times saying it’s in a network. how do i hard reset this device, I had it unplugged for 24 hours and still nothing. Thanks

Have you tried excluding it? To put the hub into exclusion mode, you’ll need to find the hub device in the ST app, menu → settings → Z-wave utilities → Z-wave exclusion.


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Unfortunately i cant do that now, i did a erase all in the smart things app when i was done removing everything, there is no wave utilities in my smart things app