Dome Water shut-off valve device handler

Recently stopped using Wink hub due to poor customer support and instead am using a Smartthings V3 hub. Unfortunately my Dome Water shut-off and leak sensors are not recognized in the Smartthings App so can’t be added. After some searching discovered a Smartthings developer side that had device handlers for both the Dome shut-off and leak sensors that I have now successfully added to my Samsung account. I still can’t see the devices in the Smartthings app.

Is there another step or steps I’m missing?

Those are z-wave devices so you will need to perform a z-wave exclusion on them. To perform the exclusion, go to the Devices section, click on 5e Home icon in the upper left of the screen, select All devices, locate and open your hub, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and choose z-wave utilities.

DO NOT USE ANY CUSTOM CODE AT THIS POINT. Groovy will cease by the end of the year so it might be a waste of your time. USE THE ST stock device handlers.

The hardest part will be excluding and adding the Dome shut-off value because you need to press the button three times on it faster than you think you do. It can be frustrating.

Thanks. Where can I find the ST device handlers? I found the device handlers on the Dome support site.

They will be selected and you shouldn’t need to do anything. You may want to remove that custom code you installed first so as to not accidentally use those. If, by chance, the proper device handler is not chosen, it may show as a Thing. If it does, just ask and we can show you how to resolve

By default… the water shutOff should come up with z-wave shutoff device handler and the leak sensors as z-wave leak sensors.

To exclude the leak sensors, open them, remove the battery, put the hub in z-wave exclusion, insert tHe batteries and watch the app to see if excluded. One at a time. With shutoff value, there is a button, put the hub in exclusion, press the button 3 times quickly and watch the app to see if excluded. Then you should be able to add them.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll try this.

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I would recommend not using that code. Custom code does not run locally on the hub. Plus all that code will cease by the end of the year when groovy is shut down. You would then need to change it.

The stock device handlers do run local on the hub and work well. I still have the dome shutoff.

Is the z-wave exclusion you mention performed in the Smartthings app or in my Smartthings account? Will this impact any of my other connected devices such as a Schlage connect smart deadbolt?

In the ST app. It would not affect any other devices where you are not causing any type of action that could initiate the exclusion. On a lock, you would need to enter codes to exclude.

So for the dome leak sensor, removing the battery, putting the hub in exclusion from the app, inserting the battery allows the device to be excluded. The shutoff valve… is pressing the button 3 times on it (very quickly) when the hub is in exclusion mode.

Note… it can be done at but I generally do not recommend but it can be done :slight_smile: