Smart Switch connet

I’m some what new to the smart things community. Welcome all. I’ve installed GE zwave smart switches throughout my home. I’ve recently experienced a problem. I relocated a switch, deleted the location of the switch and attempted to rename and use the switch. The switch turns the light off and on but it will not connect to my smartthings hub. I’ve follow the apps instructions to press the top or bottom of the switch but it wont connect. The swutch is literally 5 feet from the hub. I’m I doing this right or is there another process. Please help.

Try an exclusion of that switch, then try to pair it.


Can you please explain that process. Thanks Curt

The instructions are in the link I posted above. It took me a moment to find the link and post it :slight_smile:

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thank you. I think I did delete it (exclude it) but when I attempted to give it a new name and set it up the hub doesnt recognize it or it doesnt connect. It seems when I buy a new switch it connects with no issues.

Start with this… Run z-wave repair and see if there are any errors.

Thank you jkp. Your recommendation worked! thank you. I put the hub into exclusion mode, pressed the switch once and it deleted the switch from the hub. I guess its not as simple to delete the switch from the menu. It was still stuck in the hub. Go to go now.