Cheap recommended sensors for smartthings v3

Hi, I noticed since about a year ago samsung stopped making their sensors and I can’t seem to find any cheap smartthings compatible sensors on amazon. I can find like a sensor that has like temp+humidity+motion for like $40, but I can’t seem to find like those samsung sensors that went for under $20.

So can anyone provide some recs on cheap sensors that work w/ smartthings v3? I’m looking for $20 and under. Looking for motion sensor, water sensor, temp sensor.

Thank you.

You’re right: Samsung is no longer making smartthings branded devices or hubs.

However, they are partnering with other companies to make them, in some cases they are the same device is just with a different logo. They might be at a different price point, though.

Aeotec is the hardware partner for the US and the UK/EU. Most of their devices are already available in Europe. Some have been released to the US and the rest are expected to arrive pretty soon. So if there was a particular smartthings model you really liked, you can just wait for the Aeotec version. But again, the pricing may be different.

Otherwise, you can just check the forum for discussion of other brands. I know there’s a thread on cheap contact sensors. There was also one just this morning on water leak sensors.

Water Leak Sensors 2021

Needing cheap contact sensor (2020)

Zooz is a popular bargain brand. They are the house brand for the smartest house retailer, and the company has done a very good job of keeping up with changes in smartthings technology, including getting ready for the new edge drivers. So I expect them to continue to be popular. :sunglasses: those are Z wave, though, not Zigbee.

If you just need a temperature/humidity sensor, it’s hard to beat the price on the sonoff Zigbee version. It says it needs its own hub, but you will use a smartthings hub instead. The temperature sensor is the SNZB02 in case you land on a different product. (I had trouble getting the link right.)

Here’s a discussion thread where you can talk to people who have it:

Does anyone know if this Sonoff device works? (SONOFF SNZB-02 Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor)

The official integration for the SNZB-02 is currently broken

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it’s hard to beat Aqara’s price.
both about $10 on AliExpress

I read in an amazon review that Aqara sensors had connectivity issues if I tried to use more than 1. Do you know if that’s still the case? @veonua

wow thanks for all your responses @JDRoberts . It looks like sensors are coming back in stock definitely. I didn’t know about the smartest house.

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Having had an armful of Aqara sensors for years I can say there are very few issues as for this price tag.
The ST hub is much less reliable.

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