Pls recommend water leak sensors

Hi, My system currently includes only a few door/window sensors and an alarm. I’d like to integrate some water sensors (for leaking pipes). Can anyone recommend some compatible water sensors ?

I have the 3 smarthings, 2015, 2018, and ADT model that works with the regular ST hub. in addition i have fibaro z and z plus, iris (looks similar to st 2015), and dome sensors. they all seem to work. the fibaro and dome are zwave and have local onboard beepers that sound off when they detect water.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Also, do you have a preference for zwave, zigbee, or Wi-Fi? And do you have a SmartThings Hub, or are you using a hub optional configuration?

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I have two Samsung water leak sensors: Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor SmartThings - GP-U999SJVLCAA | Samsung US

They work fine for my needs. I haven’t tried any others.

only problem might be finding these devices anywhere

Hi, thanks for the answers. I am in the US and I do have a ST hub.

In that case any of the ones that @Awestun recommended above should be good, although some may require custom code.

Hi, im checking out the water sensor you mentioned. In the picture it appears to be placed under areas where there might be a leak, and the sensors are on top of the device, so does it detect upward? In my basement, I dont know where a leak will occur, but i know the water will spread out and cover the floor, but I dont expect it to rise high enough to reach the sensors. I would actually put the device on the floor face down, so it detects even a thin layer of water on the ground. Will the water sensor operate as I describe?


Like most sensors of this type it has two metal contacts on the bottom, but the newest model also has them on the top. When water is touching both of those contacts it completes the circuit, and that’s what causes the sensor to send an alert.

So the assumption is that the water is going to get down to where the sensor is. If water pools in the top of it, it will close those contacts. Otherwise if it pools underneath it will close those.

There are other sensors which use a probe instead, and then you can put the sensor vertically on a wall or someplace else and the probe, which typically has a 6 to 18 inch cable, can be placed in the area you expect to get wet.


What did you end up getting and how do you like it please?