Water Leak Sensor SHM Notifications (How to make it stop?)

The good news: The sensor went off as it should due to water leaks. Now, the sensor is still sending me message regarding the water leak I had…Should this these messages not stop on its own? How do I make it stop?

I am getting txt messages stating, “water leak 30 hours ago”, etc…

Assuming you are using Smart things Classic App - Open Smart Home Monitor via the dashboard (might need to scroll down)- tap the red banner and it will give you an option to dismiss the alert.

PLEASE NOTE that if you had a subsequent leak you would not get another notification and your valve (if you have one) would not close if you have not cleared this alert. - It is silly but that is the way ST does it.

That worked…Thanks all.


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How do you get rid of the hourly text notifications if you don’t have the SmartThings Classic? I cannot find any place in the “newest” SmartThings app that lets you tell it you want to clear the notification. Do I have to reinstall the Classic just to clear the notification? Thank you!

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I am having the same problem with this did you find a solution