SmartThings Water Leak Sensor - Stop notifications

I have a Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor. I was disabling it by pulling battery and removing from hub. I set off moisture notification while pulling battery before removing from hub. Now I am getting a notification every hour. I am not sure how to stop it as it is no longer part of the devices in my hub.

Any thoughts?

I have several of them. My suggestion, clear the Leak alert from the ST app, put the battery back in, and let it reset to dry. Then remove it from your hub.

Thank you … quick question

I already removed it from the hub. Should I add it back in?

If you have installed Smart Home Monitor in both the SmartThings and SmartThings Classic apps, you would need to clear the alert in both. SHM is a completely separate in both so clearing the alert in one, does not clear it in the other.

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Yes. And let it reset. Then try to remove it from your hub.

Looks like this worked. Thanks for the help.

How do you get rid of the hourly text notifications if you don’t have the SmartThings Classic? I cannot find any place in the “newest” SmartThings app that lets you tell it you want to clear the notification. Do I have to reinstall the Classic just to clear the notification? Thank you!

If the notification is an SMS notification, then yes you would need to dismiss the Incident via the Classic app. You could also uninstall Smart Home Monitor from the Classic app but keep in mind that the new app does not support text messages so you would only receive a push notification.

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