Incessant notifications

I have a leak sensor that I was testing this morning. I have set up my smart things classic App to notify me when a leak is detected. It did notify me almost immediately which is nice. However, since then I have been getting reminder notifications that a leak was detected. This is happening every hour (about 10 times thus far). I went into the App to see if I could turn off recurrent notifications, but was unable to find where I could do it. So, I turned off the notification option itself, but I am still receiving the notifications. How can I stop the recurrent notifications? (I still want to be notified once or twice after the event, just not every hour). Any help will be appreciated.

It sounds like you created a smart home monitor alert for this sensor.

You have to clear/acknowledge the alert, and then it will stop.

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That was it! Thank you very much. I was getting ready to tear my hair out (what little is left of it!) :grinning:

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