Water Leak sensor routine issue

Hi everyone.

For years I used a GoControl Z-Wave Window/door sensor with a manually wired reed switch for my mail box notification as it is quite a ways from my house. This worked fine other than cold weather quickly killed the lithium batteries, and atmospherics made the reliability hit and miss as I had no z-wave devices / repeaters on that side of the house; then recently an Amazon sellers battery killed that device as the CR123A were outputting over 4 volts (they killed over 6 devices.)

I read somewhere that people had used water leak sensors for notification, so I used the THIRDREALITY Zigbee Water Leak Sensor (i have Zigbee bulbs outside on that side of my house), disabled the speaker and wired in the reed switch. When I tested it under leak sensor it seemed to work fine, but when I created a routine (I deselected it from the other water leak notifications), it sends notifications non stop whether the reed switch is open or closed, saying Wet / Dry / Wet / Dry… over and over again regardless of me setting the trigger to wet or dry. I was hoping I could change the driver to an open close sensor, but it will only allow the Zigbee Water Leak driver. The reason I used this device is I had an extra, and it uses AAA batteries which last much longer in hot and Cold weather.

Thoughts, Solutions?

*** Update I also tried the same things using smart lighting instead of routines and it has exactly the same outcome. Arghhh. ***