Smartthings Waterleak Sensor Doesn’t report Wet. Only Temp and Battery level

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I just want to chime and and say I have having the same issues with two of mine and another issue with another SmartThings Water Leak Sensor.

Two weeks ago I bought one SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (from Best Buy)and when i paired it, the device handler showed “unknown”, so I set it from the IDE as the same device handler as the three SmartThings Water Leak Sensor I already have. The issue with this one is it doesn’t have a checkinterval so the battery status never gets updated, but it changes from wet/dry as it should.

Now the other two that I bought last week (from Amazon) showed up as “unknown” as well, when I set the device type in the IDE, it doesn’t update the wet/dry as it should staying dry.

I opened a support ticket (I can’t find the ticket number) last Monday, and the support representative said that she turned it over to engineering as it is an issue with ZigBee devices. I haven’t tried any new devices since then, but every attempt to pair the two newest SmartThings Water Leak Sensor results in the same “unknown” and when changed in the IDE never sends the wet/dry signal.

I was wondering if @Tyler could look into this as its been almost two weeks and no result yet.

I want to post it with a tag as I couldn’t tell where the og thread was placed

Good to know, thank you. FWIW I returned mine to Amazon, and tonight I’ll try the Fibaro, but if the problem does get resolved maybe I’ll give them another shot as they are less expensive and I would like to setup a few more around the house.

Maybe Amazon got a bad batch, seems odd that both ours from amazon had the same issue. Did you buy yours during the sale (or later)?

Ordered them last Friday, on 6/10, right after my wife found water in the basement because the AC condensation pump failed.

Well Support come through in the Clutch. They fixed my three not working devices / device handler.

All six of my SmartThings Water Leak Sensors are working as they
should reporting wet/dry, battery, and temperature as it should.

Here is the explanation from support.

“There is currently a known bug on our end which is causing devices
to not fingerprint correctly when pairing with the Hub. This is why we
have to manually go through and update on our end. We’ve been working
closely with our engineers and developers. Rest assured, this will be
resolved soon.”

And that bug is still there today. I have a Centralite water sensor that works perfectly, I added a few more sensors, this time the ST ones and they work about 24 hours and stop detecting water… I just returned them and purchases more of the Centralite ones that do work