SmartThings Water Leak Sensors Keep Going Offline

Hi community,

I’m a long-term SmartThings user with multiple hubs in different locations. At one of my locations, I have two official SmartThings Water Leak sensors that keep dropping offline and don’t come back online until I remove the battery and put it back in. It’s strange that it happens to two sensors at the same time. I have other sensors, (such as motion sensors) that are further away from the hub, and these work fine.

Can anyone suggest anything I can try to get these working reliably? They seem to work for a few days, then just stop. (The batteries levels are good by the way.)


I have one that I had a problem with the same as you are experiencing. I moved it closer to the hub for about a week and found that it did not disconnect. Put it back and no problems since.

I do not have many zigbee devices, but I am guessing this strengthened the mesh for this device in some way.

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I have 19 of these plus many other battery powered sensors and haven’t had any issues but this said I have many mains powered Zigbee devices too. Sounds like a mesh issue, remember Zigbee is on same 2.4 as Wifi and other electronics. Do you have any Zigbee repeaters near these sensors dropping off? If not try put a smart plug near to see if things improve.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have some spare SmartThings mains adapters so will try and plug these in, in the same rooms as the water leak sensors when I’m back there next week and see if that improves things. Failing that, I’ll move them closer to the hub for a while and see if that keeps the connection. I guess that would at least confirm it’s a range/WiFi noise issue.