Ecolink Zwave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor (FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO)

I wetted this water leak sensor to test that it was working and now it’s stuck on “Wet” even though I dried it off. According to the device history, it was Wet at 12:19 PM, Dry at 12:20 PM and then Wet again at 12:20 PM.

Any ideas?

Is it on an Edge driver? Which one? This sounds like what I’m seeing with a Nortek contact sensor using the stock “Z-wave sensor” driver.

I’m not sure if it’s on an Edge driver. How can I tell?

It actually finally turned back to Dry 3 hours later.

Check the three-dot menu on the device page in the app. If Driver is listed then it’s using an Edge driver.

The delayed return to correct status is also consistent with what I saw yesterday.

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When I click Driver, the Name is listed as “Z-Wave Sensor”.

I just removed my Ecolink flood/freeze sensor from my Samsung Connect Home hub and loaded in on my new Aeotec hub. However, it doesn’t seem to have pulled in the edge driver (see screenshot). Checkin the 3 dots at upper right of device shows only “Edit”, “Settings” and “Information”…and there are not settings. Any ideas on how to force and Edge driver for this device?

I forgot to delete the device handler first. Will do that and try removing and reloading.

UPDATE: That fixed it. Hope this (i.e., remember to delete old device handlers after removing a device and before readding with new Edge drivers) helps someone else.