Washing Machine Overflow Monitor

I’m looking for a Smartthings compatible outlet for my washing machine that I can use in connection with a moisture sensor to monitor water overflow at the slop sink and turn off the washer when the machine is pumping out. This is a Speed Queen old school machine which is very similar in design to the old Maytag. It seems that an outlet (or adapter) would need a high enough current rating to handle the machine without issue. Anyone have any recommendations?


I am not sure what amperage your washer draws, that would help. But remember, any motor takes more current at start. There is another way, much more involved if you can’t find an outlet to handle the load. The way I am refering to is to use a single phase starter with a 120 volt coil. Basically the power comes from the wall goes to the line side of the contact and the load to the outlet for the washer. The line side also goes to a Z-wave nano switch. Now what happens is that if the water is overflowing it signals the hub which signals the Nano to open the contact on the starter. I know a lot of hardware for the job. Once you know the starting current you can search for a outlet. If not this is a backup.

I have one of these attached to my washer, and to my sump pump. Works wonderfully.


I second the Zooz Zen 15. I have them on my washer, dryer, microwave, fridge and just bought one for my dishwasher. I am going to use the Samsung moisture sensor to trip the dishwasher.

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The draw is 8.7 amps.

Thanks, looks like a plan.