Smart outlet for inductive loads?

So this weekend I learned about resistive loads vs. inductive loads, and that every smart outlet I’ve found states it’s for resistive loads only. I’m trying to rig up a cut-off for my washing machine if there’s a leak, and from what I can tell that’d be an inductive load (motor, etc). Are there any smart outlets out there that can handle inductive loads and the amps needed by a washing machine? Preferably with energy monitoring too (I’d love to get a text when my laundry is done, but that’s secondary).

The Zooz devices say they can do washers,dryers and refrigerators as long as they’re 120V units. I’m not sure but I believe the limiting factor is that an inductive load pulls a lot of current on startup until the motors are closer to operating speed. You can do a search for Zooz on this site.

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Are you talking in wall outlets or plug-in pocket sockets?

All the in wall outlets I’ve seen can handle motorized devices, that’s standard. (Think blender. Or vacuum cleaner. :sunglasses:)

As far as the plug-ins go, you’ll see two kinds: dimmers, which should not be used with motors, and what are usually called “appliance modules” which are fine with small motors.

So the main question is the amps. If it plugs into a regular socket, that is 15 A or lower, you’ll have lots of choices. If it plugs into a “T” socket that is for higher draws, you’ll only have a few choices, and no pocket socket options.


The inductive versus resistive issue typically comes up with in wall micros or with some switches.


I would think you would want something that controls a relay to switch on the circuit that you could turn off if the moisture sensor turned on. I have one on the vent fan for my water heater.

Or turn off the water supply…probably a little more reliable in case the leak isn’t from the washer but the hoses connected to it.

That’s correct. The ZEN15 can handle high inrush currents so it’s the best to use with motor/inductive loads:

Let us know if you have any detailed questions about the product!