GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus On/Off Plug-In Smart Switch 28169 / ZW4103

Does anyone have these and gotten a device handler that can read energy usage from them?
They add to Smartthings fine but just with on/off.
I bought a couple thinking I’d use them for the washer and dryer (just want to detect when the cycle is done) since they are rated for 15A (“Max Load 600W Incandescent, 1/2 HP Motor, 1800W(15A) Resistive”) but I either thought I read they had energy usage output or I just assumed that.

Or does anyone use the Iris Smart plug (v2? what’s being cleared out now) with washers and dryers for reading energy usage? They are rated 12A. The washer and dryer are fairly basic models.

Edit: I’ll add that while I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve looked at the live logging and don’t see anything that shows that the GE plug has current output. It added as a Z-Wave Switch and I’ve tried a few others like “Z-wave metering switch” and didn’t get energy usage (just that tile but blank).

Edit 2: a link to the device on Amazon

I saw someone suggest the Iris plugs in another thread (or maybe in the FB group). I just cleared out my Lowes’ stock so I might have to try that with one of the extras.

Yeah I bought a few to clean out my Lowes too but wasn’t sure it would be ok with whatever peak the washer might use.

I just picked up 4 SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Indoor Smart Plugs for $15 each on Amazon - recognized by SmartThings without the need for any device handlers. No power monitoring, but hard to beat at that price!

These devices do not monitor output. You’re going to get ON/OFF functionality only no matter which handler you use.