High Amp Smart Plug (Zigbee or Zwave for European frequency) with Power Monitoring


I am looking for a high amp smart plug (Zigbee or Zwave for European frequency) with power monitoring to work with my washer (230V). My end goal is to set up a notification rule when washer cycle is complete (power usage drops below a certain threshold). I searched for such devices but nothing came up that matches my requirements. Zooz Zen15 is one such device that would fit the purpose but I could only find US Zwave frequency plugs. Please help in case you have any info, thanks in advance.


Aeotec makes one which is available on either the US or EU zwave frequencies. It works well with appliances and pumps, but is expensive. And you have to wire it into the circuit, but that is true of pretty much all heavy duty control devices.

Look at the Shelly plugs. I do what you want to do using an Everspring plug. Cant remember what it is rated for but I do need to look at upgrading. EDIT Apologies the Shelly stuff is wifi so possibly not what you need?