Smartthings sensors and smart plugs

It seems like locating anything smartthings compatible is becoming difficult to locate as of late.

I am trying to find the latest on supported smart plugs that I am trying to locate for my two washers that can monitor the power and when the power drops to zero, then it will send a notification that the washer A, or B is done.

I am also looking for a multi purpose sensor that will detect temperature so when the temperature drops for either dryer a or b, it will send a notification that either is done.

Can you please let me know if anyone else has done this, and what are they using for devices? Links to where these items can be purchased?

Maybe someone has thought of a better solution that could provide insight.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Zooz makes a double plug with power monitoring.

Most contacts and motions have temp sensors.

You can use webCoRE to cook up your own rule. I’ve been doing this for sometime now using the old CoRE.

I never ported the logic to webCoRE but I remember someone doing it a while back.

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Many people do exactly this in many different ways. :sunglasses: What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, are you trying to do this without a hub? Or do you have one of the smartthings hubs? If you do have a hub, what’s the exact model number?

Also, what’s the brand/model of the washer. In particular, what is their current draw?

My brother gave me a Zooz Zen15 for Christmas:

It’s designed to do “Heavy duty appliances”, although it is only rated for 15 amps. It should do what you want, but you’d have to code the alerts yourself (or use examples in the other posts). I’m planning on using mine to power off my computer’s power strip when it looks like the computer is off and there is no room motion for an extended period of time; a somewhat similar goal. I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten to setting this up yet.

Does the smartthings branded plug not support power usage monitoring?


If it’s useful, below is my webcore piston that I’m using to flip off my “office power strip”. This might be simpler for you, as I’m using a motion sensor that is only available via IFTTT. I also had trouble getting it to work, so there might be a way to make it work cleaner.

A very quick review of this device:
It works
Power usage seems to update every 30 seconds
Smartthings has a running total of the total KWh used, and current watt draw. My desk, while off, draws about 9-12 watts when “off” (2 monitors, 1 PC, 1 laptop adapter, 1 SVS Soundbase, paper shredder).

If you write something, I’d consider setting your condition to be “below N watts” instead of a flat 0, just in case the controllers inside the washer draw a little bit when in standby. You’ll easily be able to see “N” in the smartthings app.


@TheSmartestHouse managed to take more of my money by putting it on sale this week. I liked the first one so much that I got two more for laundry machine monitoring, and possibly one for the EVSE.


i just ordered two as well @Ian_Boje . Thank you.

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