Was there another hiccup tonight

My things are out of sync… Porch lights are off, aquarium lights are on but app says they’re off. Switch that is dependent on a motion sensor was continually on.

http://status.smartthings.com/ doesn’t report anything. Could be a local issue. I didn’t have any hiccups and I have all my devices polling every 15 minutes reporting / logging their values.

I saw the same thing. I’m thinking the ST hub died a little inside tonight knowing it was being acquired by Samsung…


Strange, ge switch is on but app says it’s off, can’t turn it off using the app.

Edit: had to go to into things menu to toggle it off.

Unfortunately, it seems the status page paints a rather rosie picture as I have seen issues which have been confirmed by SmartThings support, but not posted. Seems it needs to be a reasonably catastrophic failure to make the front page.

But yes, things pretty much died here sometime near 8 PDT.

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Yeah I had a similar issue last night, was testing a few things and the lights would not trigger. After a few different attempts it worked. Very Sad to hear about the Samsung deal… I just adopted SmartThings, I liked that they were standalone in a sense. I don’t like the idea, but with money invested I will hold on to see where the ride takes us… for now at least.

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I too had an issue for a little bit yesterday evening after I got off of work…

Hmm. I’ll have to change my logging then. Thought I had a pinger set up to track the hubs connectivity.

It may not have affected you. I had a brief outage day before yesterday and support told me they had an issue with a limited number of hubs. So it would seem they can have an outage that doesn’t affect everyone.

I’ve had problems the last two days that required me to power cycle my hub. ST Support confirmed issues the last two night via the ticket I entered.

I entered the ticket at 11p and sometime between then and 7a, someone responded. I wasn’t expecting a response until this morning, so this was a nice surprise.

I recommend users email support if they have issues and want information.

Time to find another solution. $200 wasted.