Current Outage?

Is there a place to go to check outage status? Maybe a dedicated twitter feed or a dashboard? Wife and I were watching a movie on the couch when suddenly everything in the house shuts down. I check my phone and see that both our presence sensors (which were both reporting 70%+ battery life) are labelled as away when they are not. I restarted my hub expecting them to be detected - no dice. Popped the battery out of mine - no dice. Checked other sensors and devices around the house. My Aeon contact sensors still work, but my multis are not reporting contact or vibration. So, it seems my SmartThings branded devices are not reporting, but everything else is working.

I’m sorry that you had those issues. Sounds strange. I hope the support team was able to help you out. If you have not contacted them, please do at There was not an outage. We are going to be setting up a dedicated page for this sort of status and uptime reporting.

Hopefully the zigbee radio in your hub did not croak

I think it was a hiccup of some kind, but everything appears to be working now. My Smart Outlet (ST branded) was blinking - just had to cycle power. The presence tags - I had to wait till we left, they worked on return. Had to pop batteries out of the multis. Strangely, anything hard-wired (outlets, switches, powered motion sensor) and anything non-ST branded and single sensor (Aeon contact sensor, SmartSense Moisture by FortrezZ) were uninterrupted.

It would be nice if we had some means to monitor the health of both the cloud service (dashboard, twitter feed, etc) - and something to monitor the local system health in the event of sensor failure or internet outage would be a huge help. Had the presence sensors not turned all the lights out on me, I could have gone a few days thinking my HVAC was saving power or that my security system was still working when they were not.

Out of curiosity the power outlet you are referring to is the SmartenIT outlet, correct? We have been troubleshooting those devices a lot, sometimes it appears they can mess with “child devices” meaning devices can join through them but it doesn’t allow them to work correctly (at times).

I have had a similar issue, where ST devices would not report correctly but all other brand worked fine.

@ben_edwards - yes, it was this guy that seemed to have started the issue:

Interesting to see that it doesn’t appear to be linked to anywhere in the store except in the “kit”. It’s worked flawlessly for me until now.

Again - I think most of the issues are from these SmartenIT outlets. (Which are not our products, but we did select them after a lengthy review process. It turns out there is no substitute for having thousands of them in the field and getting real feedback. I still have a number of these still in my place over the protests of my partners but, like others, they have been solid until recently.

I had a similar experience last night. At 3am my presence sensor reported I left and then 5 minutes later unlocked the work when I “arrived”. This freaked out my already skeptical wife. I bought this system last month and the battery is already reporting 63% battery life.