Is the system down?

Sunday evening 7:23 EST. Are the ST services down? How do I ping or check for service before I go nuts debugging a device?

It’s not just you. My actions are not working…again! My outdoor lights were supposed to turn on automatically at sunset but they did not. This has become a persistent problem.

Nothing reported on the official status page.

Do write and ask.

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I would really like to know what changes take place or what is ST doing that makes ST useless at least once a week.

I really wish ST folks would communicate a little more to their end users.

Please do something to make the automation work.

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@April seems to be taking a proactive, or at least participative, involvement in the community. Perhaps she can post a response from ST Support regarding today’s issues.
While I appreciate being directed to status.smartthings, it may be pointless if it fails to acknowledge that multiple users are experiencing problems. And unless the email notification is not linked to the status page, it also seems of “marginal” benefit to subscribe.

Is anyone in the community willing to explain to me whether or not it is possible for regions of the country to experience problems while others do not?

I have a 5pm schedule that didn’t fire. Nothing on the log. My sunset schedule turned on just fine. It’s too inconsistent.

Definitely, in particular the sunset issues seem to be regional. :disappointed_relieved:

Looks like they updated the status page:

Shows they noticed an issue about 15 minutes ago.

Yeah, my hub went off line a couple of times today and my alarm went nut. Luckily I disable my siren months ago. Got the status email back to normal the same time my hub back online now.

Before I got the notification about the hub problem, one of my contacts was stuck at Open. I removed the battery, moved a different magnet all around the stupid thing hoping to unstick it but nothing worked until I decided to leave it and go to work and figure it out later. Whatever they did to the hub issue unstuck the contact, it was probably closed but the hub didn’t know it. Grrrr.

Hey @eibyer, what type of contact? I ask because I have exact same issue with aeon door/window sensor. I also have ST multi-sensor that seems to act better.
Does anyone have overall opinion about aeon vs ST open/close sensors that are sold in the ST store?

Mine was an ST multi that was acting up this morning, I have 3 but that was the only one that was stuck open. I have some monoprice sensors also and they work just fine for my purpose.

I am having an issue with the basic Smartthings “Things”. Multi-sensors, motion sensor and even Z-wave light switches. I finally had the time to look at my logs,

My devices have been inactive for days. I can turn the switches turn switches on and off from the app, however the status is not always correct.

This is getting very frustration.


I’m not really sure what inactive/active means in this view, I’ve not made any attempt to correlate or use this as it’s always been all over the map.
Obviously if you can run the device from ST it can’t be inactive.
If you don’t see your devices doing stuff in live logging, that’s when you start getting concerned.

And thats where I am. Not is in the logging, my devices are not even recognized.

As it was explained to me by support couple of months back that the active/inactive status in the IDE had no meaning and was confusing and they intended to get rid of it. But then it was way back.