Was: SmartApps just not working!?!? (note: they probably are!)

SO after my extremely frustrating recent experience with my presence sensors (see here), my smartapps are now misbehaving!

I created a custom SmartApp that would look to see if all presence sensors were ‘away’ and if they were and our open/close sensor on our front door triggered to say the door was open, it would get a notification on my phone. This was working really well for a number of weeks and Id get alerted if anyone was in the house when all presence sensors were away.

However, after the most recent incident of having to reset all my presence sensors, although they are now recognised as ‘present’, every time the front door opens I get a notification to tell me there is nobody home and the door is open! Obviously this is useless to me and one of the main uses for ST is again broken.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no joy. I haven’t touched a single line of code from when it was working, so its definitely not a code issue, it can only be related to these damn presence sensors I guess.

Anyone else had any similar experiences and any ideas how I can resolve it?

Not to detract from your issues, but this functionality (as you describe) can be had out of the box using SHM. Have you tried using it for your use case?

No, I haven’t. What is SHM?

Turns out my woes are due to the Presence sensors not working anyway - the app is probably working fine, but the sensors aren’t registering any events.

SHM = Smart Home Monitor, one of the new canned ST apps.
When you get your sensors sorted, give it a whirl.

OK, dumb question of the day…where is it? I’ve looked under smart things recommends, safety, presence and modes and ‘more’ and its not listed.


@leedjones got to Marketplace > Safety and security > notify me when. I use this for presence mode detection. When my wife and i are away it sends me notifications of doors opening and closing and when my wife or myself get home. you can set it so that it only is enabled when the mode is in away mode. I use the nobody home routine from Marketplace > presence & modes > Nobody home.

It works treat :smile: i can tell because i have the inlaws in and they keep popping in and out of the house!i

Ah, OK. I looked at that but I thought it was describing the events, not the state of the sensors. So when it describes ‘Departure of’, I assumed it was the departure event occurring, not that a sensor was actually away. If thats not the case and you can combine these states rather than events then its infinitely more useful but really, really badly worded!

it was quite fun writing that specific SmartApp anyway - gave me a chance to learn a little Groovy :smile:

Don’t worry @leedjones, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to exercise your groovy chops…