Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor


Wondering if others have similar issues. These sensors never worked correctly as I get plenty of alarms and even intrusion detection while the door is not even touched. A ticket is open for weeks with the Support team but yet nothing really progressed. The distance from the hub to the sensors is a couple of feets as it is within a regular house. I have even changed my wifi frequency to 1 in the hope this would cause some interference. I am about to give up and want to return them and see if there is a product that works better based on zwave. Maybe my sensors are defective, but until now the support team is barely answering.


What have you done to try to resolve the problem so far?

I have moved the HUB, set the wifi frequency on my AP to 1 to be as far away from the zigbee frequency. Did reset the sensor as well

How is the sensor mounted on the door? Is the door metal frame? Does it work at all, meaning do you get open close responses? Have you looked that the logs for that sensor to see if it is actually reporting these issues or are you using SHM and having these issues?

The smaller part on the frame and the other one on the door. Door is out of
wood. It works fine in term of open/close. However multiple times a day it
just says door has been opened and closed while even nobody touched the
door. Also I get many alarms for the door. The open/close messages I see
int he log of the Sensor. The alarms I get through SHM and it does not show
what it means and why it triggered it

Ok, I know it is most likely not the sensor that is in question. Rather SHM, it seems to have issues if you follow the board. Do a search on SHM and you will see many issues related to that app. It could also be that the magnet connector is a little too far apart to work reliably. Is the magnet up against the sensor flush or is there some distance between the sensor and the magnet?

Look for another application called Smart Alarm in the ST application area. From what I can see, that tends to be more reliable than SHM for many. SHM is still a work in progress, well… actually the entirety of ST is still a work in progress (SMILE). They are going through some serious growing pains right now, just hoping that they will get their act together.

Hope I’m not hijacking the topic, but I’ve got a ST Multi problem that’s unrelated. Still, seemed odd to create a new topic for it.

Seems my Multi got “stuck” when it hit 1% battery and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t updating for at least a week. Stuck hardware maybe, and stuck in ST definitely. Even though I’ve pulled the batteries, removed it from the door, brought it inside where it’s warmer, replaced the batteries, it still reports in ST as Closed, 43°, 1% battery.

I’ve tried pressing the little button on the PCB, no response. Different brand new batteries, no response.

Anyone know how I can make this hardware start talking again?

I have played around a bit more with SHM and I also removed the sensor from SHM, removed battery and connected it again. Now I have 2 SHM on my Dashboard, and not able to remove one of them. So far it seems it works more stable. Still need to run it for longer.

I hope the magnet connector is not too far as I put as close as I was able. There is a little distance of 0.35 inches.

I will try out Smart Alarm to see how that works. I hope I can have both running at the same time and be able to compare.

I really like the system and hopefully they are able to improve things.

Thanks for all your support here

0.35 is a little wide. So the earlier gap was more? Try padding it closer with more foam tape or stronger magnet.

that might be tricky as otherwise it touches each other while opening the door. Will see if I can get them closer. However the other sensors are closer.
For the moment I have no open/close issues, but still several alarms in the notification. No idea what these alarms are but it seems to correlate to whenever the sensors become activ/inactive. also not sure what that means

I’d second the stronger magnet. I thought I had a faulty sensor, sometimes the door would show closed, other times not. I happened to have bought two sensors at the same time, so I tried the other sensor - same issue. Tried the other magnet - voila! The distance to activate the sensors was different between the two magnets (poor quality control). I didn’t end up returning it because I’m using the other as a garage door sensor (took me ages to work out you don’t need the magnet when you set it to garage door mode).

If you say a stronger magnet, where do I get a stronger one? Or should swap a magnet between my doors? Or rather buy a different sensor brand? Thanks

Amazon has a large selection of Neodymium magnets

Yep Amazon, they work just fine for what you need.

I noticed that the alarms in the notification came actually from Smart Alarm which I also had activated in the past. I still do not know what the alarms from Smart Alarm were exactly about The change of the WiFi radio frequency and the sensor reset seems to have fixed the issue as I do not get any wrong intrusion detection or wrong open indication from SHM.

Smartthings support was able to remove the duplicated SHM in my dashboard.

All works fine at the moment for the last few days

Great to hear that things are working for you again

How did you reconnect it? I have tried doing so, but the app doesn’t recognize the sensor. I’ve tried removing the battery and putting it back in but no luck.

hold down the little button for 6 seconds, until the LED goes out. Then tell the mobile app to add it, then hit the little button once.

Thanks. It seems to be connected, but it incorrectly says the door is open when it’s not. I’m trying to remove and re-add it, but it won’t let me remove it from the Smart App. I’ve gone into the SmartApp and changed it so that no lights are checked (so it doesn’t alert with lights), but it’s still there. I have installed other sensors with no problems. I’m amazed at how little support and direction I can get from SmartThings, and it is a bit complicated to figure out all the different tricks to adding a device after it’s been deleted. I’m having the same problem with some of the light switches, which are 3 different brands. The ones that have a button to pull out (GE) were easy; the others, I’ve still not figured out.

Quick question on this sensor. What is the polling/refresh rate of these ? Do they update every minute/5 minutes etc or longer. If longer is there a way to automate this to poll sooner ?