SmartApp Stopped Working Today

I’am not able to debug or trace my SmartApp. It looks that temperature events are not comming to my temperature handler resp. to my SmartApp. What can be wrong?

Having trouble with my SHM Delay SmartApp. Not responding. Keypads going offline.

I’m tired of dealing with the ST platform, Hubitat on the way,

Meh. things were fine until Friday, then they went dead. I had to reset my smart light app because the motion sensor/lighting setup failed.

Lights worked, motion was working, but they just weren’t triggering.

I changed the lights in the app, saved it, went back in and changed back to the correct lights, now it fine again.

Also had issues with a group light setup. Some lights would not trigger. Got that resolved with way too much manual intervention.

Really friggin’ annoying, and REALLY BAD WAF.

Already everything working O.K. Just right now I checked it.

I beleive their servers are overloaded.
Yes, most of the truly egregious stuff has cleared, but what continues for me is: any command issued with a delay, executes very late.

I use delays with Lannouncer TTS from my SHM Delay app. For example when a monitored contact sensor door opens the app issues a chime, “Door name is now open” delayed by 1.5 seconds. When the door closes it issues “Door name is now closed” Often the door open message is delayed by so much time up to 15 seconds, that the Door close message issues prior to the door open message.

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