Open/Close Sensor notifications not working

Hi all,

I am having some issues getting notifications to function as I want them for an open/close Sensor using the new smartthings app.

Effectively I want to be able to send a notification to all users to advise them that the front door has been opened but only when certain users are not at home. As an example when my wife and I are at work and the kids come home from school and open the front door I want the notification to be sent.

I have set this up as below which logically appears correct but it’s not working.

Any advice would be appreciated.

are you receiving other notifications from the SmartThings app?

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Are both of those failing, or only the second one?

Are you seeing any activity on the device page when you open/close the sensors? If not then your sensor signals aren’t reaching the hub. Check the batteries, try to reset them, do a z-wave reapir or add a repeater if that still doesn’t work.

Could also be the geo presence turning itself off is both new and classic are installed.

The first one doesn’t issue any notifications at all, the second one will issue notifications if one of us is not home and also when we are both not at home, so the second one works to some extent, however it would be best if the notification only issued when neither of us were at home.

Yes all other notifications appear to work without issue.

Yes the activity is registered in smartthings.

Try using CoRE or WebCoRE instead and see if that works.

Check your presence devices if they are registering correctly in Smartthings IDE.

In the ST IDE, go to your location’s devices and check all your presence devices’ statuses. All of them should look like the one below if you want the first automation to trigger (No one is at MY HOME).


I had problems with Mobile presence when I initially started fiddling with automations. I had to fix my wife’s mobile setup as it was not registering correctly in the ST IDE. In her case she had multiple Home locations in her ST profile. I removed all locations in her profile then added her back to the correct home location.

Also, make sure Use phone location and Allow phone presence detection are enabled in the new ST app. Then check the Smartthings app permissions if it’s allowed to use location on the phone .

Looks like this may be the problem. The wife is currently at work and it is showing as Present and Occupied.

I will play around with her settings tonight and see is this fixes it.


Thanks for your help

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