Smart Home Monitor intermittent

For the most part it has been working, but yesterday I noticed that the screen did not turn to red until I opened/closed the app.

This morning, opening the garage door should have triggered and even though the log shows the garage door opened, I did not get notified and the SHM did not record an incident.

I switched it to “away” to get inside motion to trigger it and it is working. How often should I expect this sort of thing to happen.

Also, while I do not understand the internals, it would seem like it would be possible for there to be some sort of internal two-way communication between the various modules to throw an error or retry if something like this is missed.

Welcome to SHM it can be a real pain. For no rhyme or reason it doesn’t work, then works again. Now I use Smart Alarm, and it to has it’s problems with remote processing.