Was Frient Motion Sensor Pro, now general edge discussion

Hi anyone used these before. I find them to be resonably priced and take standard AA battteries.
Only 1 problem though, in the smartthings app no matter if I choose the multisensor or motion sensor option, I cant see to get the lux reading. On their webpage they do indicate that it has a light meter.

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That’s the catch. @Rboy might can explain why.

Can you see the fine print?

Gotcha :frowning: such a shame, they are decent enough otherwise. Thanks man!

Working on a custom DTH for it, you can always send in a request to frient to speed things up :slight_smile:

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Yea I reached out to them on Facebook and got confirmation they are working on something but not to hope for something anytime soon :smiley:

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I’ve just bought one of these without reading the smallprint too. Works as a motion sensor but not lux reading and seemingly no custom DTH yet. Off it goes back to Amazon.

Any suggestions for an alternative motion and light sensor combo? They seem to be a rare thing.

If you haven’t returned it yet and send me the fingerprint of the IDE I try to add it to the zigbee motion sensor edge Driver.
With edge drivers this is quite possible.

and tell me which dth it pairs too please

The frient motion sensor is one of the best you can get, it pairs with the official SmartSense Motion Sensor and works flawlessly.
Here is the data @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Data * endpointId: 22

  • firmwareFullVersion: 00030606
  • firmwareImageType: 386
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4117
  • manufacturer: frient A/S
  • model: MOSZB-141
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE
    Raw Description 22 0104 0107 00 03 0000 0003 0406 00

And you don’t need the fineprint, it says at the top of the listing in black bold letters, one version has motion,temp and lux, the other version is cheaper and just has motion.

I explicitly chose the Pro version with light sensor and paid more for it @Alwas. There’s no lux reading in Smartthings. I checked in the IDE and can see it uses the SmartSense Motion Sensor handler.

Sorry @Mariano_Colmenarejo, it’s all packaged up ready to go back in the morning.

This is the model MOSZB-140 and Have and works Temperature too?

Ah, you mean it works as motion and lux, just that lux isn’t showing in SmartThings.

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Yes that’s the model number. Temperature was showing in Smartthings along with motion, but no lux.

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Motion and temperature are listed in the IDE but no luminance/lux like the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor shows.

@Alwas and @drooke,

I have added these frient models to a zigbee motion sensor test driver.

with motion and battery profiles for MOSZB-141

and motion, temperature, illuminance and battery for the MOSZB-140

β”‚ Name        β”‚ Zigbee Motion Sensor Frient          β”‚
β”‚ Version     β”‚ 2022-01-28T21:33:46.836779           β”‚

If everything works fine, I merge it in the general zigbee motion sensor driver

  - id: " MOSZB-141/Motion"
    deviceLabel: frient A/S Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: frient A/S
    model: MOSZB-141
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery
  - id: " MOSZB-140/Motion"
    deviceLabel: frient A/S Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: frient A/S
    model: MOSZB-140
    deviceProfileName: motion-illuminance-battery

Shared Channel link

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Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo - I’ve enrolled to try it before sending the sensor back. I’ve installed the frient motion sensor handler, added the device which has automatically selected the handler. I can see motion, temperature and illuminance via the Smartthings app - only motion and temperature are updating though, not illuminance.

Any ideas?


It may not be set correctly, as temperature is on the same subdriver as illuminance.

Please, could you check exactly which cluster uses that device? lest it use cluster illuminance level sensing (0x0401) instead of illuminanceMeasurement (0x0400).

For this you would have to uninstall the sensor
Delete driver edge
Re-pairing it with the groovy DTH
In IDE copy the full fingerprint of the sensor

Followed the steps. Do you mean the β€˜raw description’ field from the IDE? If so, that is β€˜22 0104 0107 00 03 0000 0003 0406 00’

And from the β€˜data’ field:

’ * endpointId: 22

  • firmwareFullVersion: 00030606
  • firmwareImageType: 386
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4117
  • manufacturer: frient A/S
  • model: MOSZB-140
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE’

It is incomplete, missing data