Frient Heat Detector UK

Hi All,

I have a frient heat detector that doesn’t boast smart things integration and never has, however it worked with HA no problem without boasting that either.

With the changes to the platform, would it be possible to create a custom driver that will work with the device?

What bits of information would be needed, for example a fingerprint? And where would I get that from?


Have you contacted Frient about creating an edge driver for ST ? Looking at there web site, all of there kit is compatible, they even have edge drivers available… except for the heat detector which is pretty frustrating for owners like you Barron

Actually, ask @RBoy he and his team created the edge drivers :grinning:

If there were edge drivers for the device, i would join you and buy one

Reading some more and no doubt @Rboy will know more than what i can find, the reason it was not compatible previously with ST is that the cloud integration ST side was too limited, maybe the Ui was too restrictive, perhaps now with the advent of edge and a bit more flexability with the Ui, it might get included

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Thanks @fido, quite an answer.

What I’m not understanding is why the user interface causes the issue and maybe its something I’m not understanding on a browser scale.

For example,

I have a Zigbee device. I pair it. Samsung lists it as a Thing.

What’s the issue in the middle that stops any device handler from taking too and receiving information from that device?


It may be the app Ui just did not represent what Frient wanted, maybe they wanted something more noticeable ?? Im guessing here

@Rboy will know more


Huh, i missed that !!

Let us know how you get on connecting

Tried briefly, got a black screen when I tried the driver on the motion sensor. Will keep you posted!

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Yes there are edge drivers for frient devices in the Heat alarm

With the edge drivers you can access all the device features, configurations and some very cool custom features which just aren’t available with stock cloud integrations or drivers. For example the air quality device has some unique reporting capabilities, UI controls and automations, same for the siren and so on.


Will be interesting to hear from @barron to see how his experience has been

Hi Guys,

OK so pairing was a pain as it never shown up as a device automatically added.

So after 5 attempts I checked the devices without room assigned and low and behold it was there.

However, this is all I get:

Problem now is I’ve also got a similar story with a Zwave device. Fibaro Dimmer 2.

Not sure where to go from here??

New add devices always first appear in no room assigned if a room is not assigned at discovery, so thats quite normal

Your screenshot shows a slight issue, try to remove the device and re on board just to check the process

What version hub are you using ?

I’m on V2 with the new firmware.

Yeah the issue at first being it didn’t show as a device automatically added. They normally pop up as a Thing etc first, then go to the without room etc.

I dont see the heat detector listed in the frient edge drivers ? Maybe it uses the smoke detector driver ?

@RBoy the heat detector is not a listed edge device, is the fingerprint included in the smoke detector driver ? Or not available yet ?

Plot twist. The device is now stuck in pairing mode.

No idea!

Spoke too soon.

Now working with full communication.

Who knows of it was the device or the current status of ST

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That is good news, the battery state on various devices can sometimes take a while to show status, possibly the reason the device displayed a cloud to start with

I think it was more related to the assignment on. The network.

I also now have the ability to activate the siren which didn’t work before

I have ordered one on the strength of this thread, thank you for bringing the device to my attention barron

Tbh i already have 2 elsewhere but they are just dumb

No problem I also have the smoke detectors of the same range. Just working in deleting and adding again so I can use the edge driver from @RBoy

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Deleted and re-added 2no smoke detectors

Full communication and more control.