Frient Motion Sensor and Frient Motion Sensor Pro Review 2022

Tested the motion sensors of Frient.

I must say I was impressed. They are not expensive, yet good quality and reliable.
The sensors are able to reach long distances and don’t get disconnected easily.
However, I realized that the Pro version actually doesn’t bring much added value to Smartthings Hub owners, since the illuminance and tamper functionalities don’t work. Therefore, the only additional benefit you get is temperature.

I currently have 3 motion sensors and 1 pro motion sensor working. Getting fan…

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I believe there are more features in the works for the Pro versions

Hi @RBoy

I hope so. I mean, I think for the European market this is one of the best brands right now based on the wide range of device types, price and quality.
Potential is there, so let’s see if they keep the momentum

How are you finding the response time of the frient motion sensor?
Some of the Amazon reviews claim it’s very slow.