WAPIRZ-1Z Monoprice Motion sensors suddenly appear to have additional features

Same for me. The only issues I am having is the Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensors are ok.

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I’m looking forward to it, thank you! I have 7 of those motion detectors and it keeps saying there’s a fire in my house. Not cool!
BTW, I’m looking at the advanced users interface and no longer see a section to install drivers. I’m hoping you can enlighten us to how you can install the driver you’re creating.

All edge drivers are installed in the same way. It’s different than the old DTHs, but it’s actually easier. :sunglasses:

The edge Driver author will give you a “channel link” and you just click on that. ( if they have an author thread in this forum, the invitation link is usually in the first post of that thread.)

That will take you to a webpage where you can subscribe to the channel and select the individual edge drivers from that channel that you want downloaded to your hub.

Then, you just wait, and the driver will be automatically downloaded to your hub. It usually only takes a few minutes, although it can take longer.

You can read more details and how to see which drivers are on your hub and all that in the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Hello, I went to what I think is your Channel. Is this the correct driver to test?

  • NameZ-Wave Sensor PH
  • DescriptionSupports a variety of HomeSeer, Ecolink, FortrezZ, Monoprice, and Zooz Zwave sensors.
  • Permissions
    • zwave: Enable full access to Z-Wave actions



No, thats not the correct driver. Once a couple beta testers confirm its okay I’ll release the details.


@Thedbarz @gilee_8 @esko8880

The driver for the WAPIRZ motion sensor has been published and information is available on the forum post here:

Let me know how things go or if you have any issues!

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Hi, do we need to exclude and add the devices again for this to kick in, or just changing the driver in the new IDE be sufficient. I am still seeing the device as a generic sensor with contact (& motion) sensor capabilities even though it is only motion and temp capable. I have both the Monoprice Motion Sensor with Temperature v1 and v2 models (PID 10796 & 15902) that I switched to this driver in the IDE. thanks.

If you’re running the Zwave Sensor CS driver, it should only be the capabilities that the device has. Motion, tamper, temperature, battery and the additional Network ID field.

Can you send screenshots of the “Device profile” field from your my.smarthings.com/Advanced

And maybe a screenshot from the device details in the app?

To test, I switched to the stock Zwave Sensor driver, saw all the capabilities (motion, leak, temperature, etc). Then changed back to “Zwave Sensor CS” and only the capabilities of the device appear.

Thank you @csstup for the driver, greatly appreciated.
I just follow the provided URL, enrolled the channel, and installed the driver. Now I see a new driver in my IDE.

After switching all my Monoprice Motion Sensor to the new driver, and reload the IDE page, I see all those extra Smoke, leak parameters are all gone.
But I still see contact sensor available.

My Monoprice Motion sensor used to only have Temperature, Battery, Tamper and Motion parameters. So not sure if this “contact sensor” (and illuminance & humidity) will cause any issue or notifications.

ADDED: I just checked my Smartthings App on my phone, and realized the Monoprice Motion Sensor still showing all these extra invalid information.

What is listed on your device profile?



I’m confused.

You shouldn’t be able to use the IDE to change drivers anymore.

how exactly did you “switch“ drivers?

Did you go into the smartthings app on your phone, go to the details on the device page, and select the new driver from there? That’s the standard method.

Or did you do something else? :thinking:

Everyone is calling my.smarthings.com/advanced the “IDE” now.

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This is what I am seeing in my IDE for the motion sensor.

Profile: generic-sensor is the reason you see all those other values. Change Driver must not be updating the profile correctly for you.

Try changing drivers from the app.

Or exclude/re-include.

If possible, please share some tips on how can you change driver from the Smartthings App?
I thought only IDE can do that. thank you so much!!

its in the instructions forum post:

  • For an existing device, you can use the app to change to the new driver. Go to the device tile, 3 dot menu, Driver, Change Driver.
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Thank you once again @csstup .

I just went into the App, and see your driver is already installed.
Interestingly, I see 2 of my Monoprice motion sensor has updated, while 2 other Monoprice Motion Sensor still stuck with all the parameters (all 4 are showing the new driver in the app)

ADDED: actually now, all Monoprice Motion Sensors shows the updates from the App.
I guess it takes 10-20 minutes before the update takes affect in the app.

If you do the driver change from the app itself, I believe it force downloads the new profile. If you do it from my.smartthings.com/advanced, it probably does it on a sync schedule instead.


Here is a screenshot of the Monoprice Motion Sensor parameters and driver shown in the app.

All smoke and leak sensor is gone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :+1:

This is a very minor thing, not sure if it can be adjusted.
Since the new driver still have contact sensor, the app still treat the sensor like Door/Window.
It will display as “CLOSED” or “OPEN” rather then motion detected, etc.

Not everyone…:wink: And the official docs certainly don’t. Officially it’s called the “smartthings web app.“

And it isn’t (an IDE). An IDE is an integrated development environment where you can run simulations. That’s not Samsung account

My.smartthings is a web UI to your smartthings account.

Just sayin’….

Personally, I would prefer that people not use the term IDE for it because it’s only going to be confusing with all the stuff about the IDE going away and the fact that support is not going to call it the IDE and the fact that it isn’t an IDE. But that’s just my opinion. :man_shrugging:t2: