Experience Pairing Monoprice Sensors

(Kmugh) #1

Just jotting down my experience with the Monoprice window sensors in the hope that it might help someone.

Bought a few of these sensors for about $30 each. Pairing the first sensor was easy and quick. Just add a “Aeon door/window sensor”, but then change the device type to a “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” at ide.smartthings.com. I further changed the device type to a custom device based on @florianz’s code here to see if I can get battery stats, but it did not help (the open/close detection works well though). (@florianz, How can I get battery stats?)

Second sensor I tried to pair was very uncooperative. Tried at least 10-20 times to pair, without any success. In the end, I was seeing the LED glow bright red continuously, which indicated it was already paired (but hub was not seeing the device). It was then I re-read the manual which listed the steps to exclude/include the device. Then went to ide.smartthings.com and forced the hub to exclusion mode, held the program switch on the sensor a couple of seconds to reset it. Tried to pair again a few times after that and it worked.

I also purchased a few motion sensors, will post back here if I face any issues.

(Brian Smith) #2

My sensors have been working well. I wonder if that one was a return and was not unpaired or if they test it by pairing before leaving the factory?

I too wish that ST would get device types for the MonoPrice devices. They are no expensive and work well…and have often been out of stock probably because of those two facts!

(Kmugh) #3

@brianlees Not sure if it was indeed a return (hope not), or if I decided to give up on pairing (during one of the countless times) at the exact time it was almost paired (frustrated after a few times).
Pricewise, ST MutiSense is not too far away (especially if you buy them in bulk) for a lot more features. However, the Monoprice ones don’t feel cheap, they seem to be built well.

If only I could get the battery stats to work :frowning:

(Florian Z) #4

The device handler will query the battery status once the sensor wakes up from sleep. Since this is a sleepy device, the handler can’t just ask for the battery status, whenever it feels like it. Additionally, the handler only asks for the battery status every few days (53 hours), so not to drain the battery from repeatedly asking for its status (the value won’t change much over that time span).

You can change that time span in shouldRequestBattery, or simply make it return true all the time, to query the battery status every time the sensor wakes up.

(Kmugh) #5

Thanks @florianz, will try it out.

Separately, the Monoprice motion sensors pair effortlessly. But some false triggers and missed triggers.
Have to go back look at that 5min timeout everyone’s talking about.

(Jon Allsebrook) #6

@kmugh Just ordered some mono price motion/temp sensors… at $30 each can’t really resist! How are they holding up for you any further thoughts?

(Kmugh) #7

I have had them only for about 2 weeks now, but so far no issues.
Look nice and work well for $30 :), plan to buy a few more if I find a MonoPrice coupon (last time I found a 10% off discount code)

(Jon Allsebrook) #8

Thanks I will see what they are like when I get them. I like the fact they do temp and motion. I shall look for a mono price coupon too. Volume pricing on MonoPrice is interesting as they get down to around $27. Problem is then even if you have a group buying them the shipping costs to individuals out weighs the cheaper price.

Am tempted to try the lock too.

(Jon Allsebrook) #9

@kmugh just received these look like they are nicely built!

What device type did you use as its adding as an Aeon Multi but doesn’t report temp or motion at all?

(Kmugh) #10

@jonallsebrook, check out @florianz’s Monoprice Motion Sensor type [here][1]. It reports both motion and temp, but I have not gotten the remaining battery charge to work.
[1]: https://github.com/FlorianZ/SmartDevices/blob/master/MonopriceMotion.groovy

(Brian Smith) #11

@florianz’s device type works very well. I don’t think the motion sensor gives battery status. Or, if it does, it must do it in a non-standard way or I’m sure @florianz would have added it.

What I need to do is compare it to the ST motion sensor that I have. I want to run the two side by side and have them control different lights to see how quickly each react. The Monoprice seems to respond with a slight delay, but I could totally be imagining it. As a previous boss taught me years ago, “I want facts, not feelings!” :slight_smile:

(Jon Allsebrook) #12

Thanks @kmugh I have it in now but it’s not reporting or updating motion or temp… Is their a big delay or should I have put the jumper on inside? Shouldn’t the red light come on with motion?

(Kmugh) #13

@brianlees Yes, the Monoprice ones do respond with a noticeable delay (1-2s).
Once triggered, I have to wait a while before they can be triggered again …

(Jon Allsebrook) #14

@kmugh Ok these are up and running using the suggested DeviceType Code thanks!

Am seeing slow reporting for motion which having dug deeper seems to be down to a 5minute time out for motion. This Thread on the MiCasaVerde Forum seems to suggest that parameter is modifiable somehow http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=23795.0

Maybe 5 minutes is enough to deal with motion for turning things on but if it was a walk in a room turn lights on then walk out turn them off I think I would want it to be a little less than 5 minutes… is there a way to set that time via the DeviceType code and have it as a preference in the tile?

Overall they seem really well built and great for the price especially with temp built in!

(Brian Smith) #15

@florianz - Is it possible to send this parameter to the motion sensor to change the timeout? Don’t know enough about device types to know if it is possible.

From that thread referenced above:

The Monoprice device is really a Vision ZP3102.

You can modify the On time via parameter 1 (1 byte hex). The default is 3 and valid values are 1 -> 127 minutes.

(Kmugh) #16


  1. I did try the jumper, but it did not change the long timeout.
  2. The red LED on the detector does not light up with motion (unlike Aeon motion sensors)

(Florian Z) #17

@brianlees, I don’t know what the state of SmartThings supporting configuration parameters, is. I will take a look as soon as I get a chance.

(Pat) #18

Let me know if you have any luck with the lock. Based on the manual, I couldn’t figure out if there was any way to actually remotely un/lock the lock, or if it was simply for maintenance functions. I was able to get it to pair, but SmartThings using a generic lock profile did not reflect any changes made at the lock. Additionally, without support for entering codes via SmartThings, I’m not sure this lock will do what we need.

Then again, I am very new to SmartThings and didn’t put a whole lot of effort into trying. Hopefully the Lockitron will turn out well with IFTTT support.

(Michael) #19

Speaking of the Monoprice zwave devices…the current Home Theater promotion code 1MP12 worked on a zwave motion sensor for me. I assume it would work on the rest of the zwave items. It’s 12% off for their 12th anniversary, brings the $30.22 motion sensor down to $26.59.

(Kmugh) #20

@reevesjm The code works! Many many thanks, appreciate it.