Wanted: Beta testers for a SmartThings remote/dashboard mobile app

I’ve been working for a while on a streamlined accessory app to the SmartThings app, that focuses more on customizability and quick controls and dashboard layouts. It looks a bit like some sci fi shows.

Actual screenshot put in a pretty frame (will post more when my account is allowed):

I am at the point where I need some help testing it and finding bugs, perspective on how to solve for a few use cases, etc. I’ve been a ST developer for years now and never realized the forums are a separate account.

Currently the app supports switches, dimmers, locks, thermostats, and has very narrow support for my exact RGBW Z-wave device. It also supports many capabilities from devices in your system to report as “sensors” - battery levels, temperatures, whatever can be set up as a sensor that’s refreshed whenever you open the app or push the refresh button.

If this looks interesting to you and you’re comfortable enough with ST to be able to generate an API key to use with the app, I’d love to get your feedback! EDIT I thought there was a private message feature here to connect with folks but will figure something out.

Please note: the API key and any layout data you create is stored locally on your device in order to talk to ST. I don’t want your data, I don’t want the legal responsibility of securing your data, I just want to share a neat thing my family has been using for a while now and make it better.



One more screenshot:

iOS and Android?

Currently it’s a PWA that doesn’t care what device you’re using. I do want to wrap it in native iOS and Android apps eventually to get some quality of life improvements like locking orientation, better data safety, etc.

But right now it’s just a save to home screen web app so it will work* on either just fine.

  • i have tested with a very limited set of screen sizes, hence this beta tester request

I’m game :grinning:

Awesome! Anyone interested can email me at beta@zonecontrol.app and I will send over some instructions (still typing those up) for how to try it out.