ST Arduino SmartHome Controller project

(David Creed) #1

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a little (well maybe a lot) of help with a project that I’ve started. But to be honest, at this point I’ve gotten completely over my head and out of my expertise on.

I purchased some ST SmartShields, as well as some Arduino Uno’s and assorted sensors and relays, with the intention of building some custom ST Devices that would be controlled by existing SmartApps.

The second portion of my project was to be able to provide back to the community a very generic Arduino sketch and ST Device Handler that could be used by others to start their own projects.

There are obvious similarities between this project and work done by @dome, @docwisdom, @theedpope, @stevesell, @ogiewon, @lailoken, @geko, and I admire their work, so I’ve added them here in the hopes that they may take an interest in this project. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in helping, they can reply and I can provide more specific details and hopefully get things rolling. I’ll obviously post everything that is accomplished back to the community!


(Marius Piedallu Van Wyk) #2

Awesome. I made some design choices in mine to shift some functionality (a globally open/closed switch for the entire garage) into the Arduino instead of having it in the Smartthings app.

There are some things I really dislike about SmartThings (like our internet being down the past few days basically breaking our internet, as well as unusable modes, and pretty but buggy mobile apps). They are still the best option out there, but I like to code defensively.

Good luck, and feel free to pilfer any of my ideas! :wink:

(Jody) #3

Here is my multi-sensor code.

Motion, temp, humidity, and illuminance. I am working on a reed sensor addition. The plan is to put one of these devices in every room.


Arduino Uno
Thing Shield
DHT-11 for temp and humidity
Radioshack PIR for motion
Illuminance sensor from YRobot

(Dome) #4

@DavidCreed, thanks for the mention. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can, although this is a busy season of life and it may take me a little while to get back to you.

I started conceptualizing my Smart Room Controller by looking through the different device types that I wanted to use with it, and how that would look. I have switch, motion sensor, and alarm fully implemented along with a custom state for different colors. Beyond that, I have temperature, smoke, humidity, contact, and moisture in the works.

Feel free to use anything from my code to get you going. Let me know what I can do to help.