SmartThings Labs - Make available for all developers/Beta testers

SmartThings Team,

With being from the UK I am not able to access the new SmartThings Labs Smart Apps.

So my question is… Is there a way to get hold of this when in other regions like the UK?

If this is not an option right now, will this ever be rolled out to further Regions, Beta testers or Developers

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I agree with @Benjamin_Ginders

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Me too what is the point of limiting to one single region only


Hopefully the team will be able to let us have access or advise the best team to speak to.

Lets hope so!

Agree with all above, there is obviously some rational to it… but it’s a mystery what

Totally agree, the world is bigger than the US and the UK is know for its innovative thinking.
Widen this out to us all

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You could try emailing them and see if they can say why it’s restricted

I’ve emailed them, suggest we all do and we might get a positive outcome

Thanks @Automated_House for the email address, I have dropped them a mail.

thanks @Mikeyf79 for sending an email also

I have now had feedback from the SmartThings Labs team, who have advised a plan is in place to rollout to more regions, therefore this does not seem like another region restriction, rather a steady rollout.

A reply has been sent asking if a road map is available for this and I will update here once I hear back.

I’ve had a similar reply

"The SmartThings Labs is available in US and Korea now, and we’re planning to open it also in UK

We’ll try our best to add UK soon and please continue to pay attention to the SmartThings Labs."

And I’ve also asked for a timeframe for roll out.

Great Thanks Mikey! Please let us know if you ever get a timeframe back.

Nice to see a reply but its not exactly informative, there is an if and a maybe and a mention of paying attention to labs ? Not sure how but… Well let’s just see what happens

All I’ve had back so far is a holding email. Will post once I get an update

Same here, the first email got a quick response, so they are either avoiding the question or they are actually trying to get a road map

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Well I’ve just had an email.

We’re happy to inform you that the SmartThings Labs will be available in UK today.

To meet your expectations, we’re opening it for UK customers ahead of schedule. Please understand that it was hard to share the specific time frame with you in advance.

We hope you enjoy the SmartThings Labs and give us your valuable feedback.

Yes just had the same thing, thank you for listening @SmartThings

Thanks a lot that is great news!

Can confirm!